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That’s like asking peanut butter why it’s so delicious! We are the only platform of our kind to develop and deliver custom logos you’ll love at prices that can’t be beaten!

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Terry Jackson

When I first came to Dopweb, I was skeptical. I had a family owned bakery and I really needed a great custom logo that would bring in prospective customers. After working with Dopweb, my expectations were exceeded. I’d highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks, Guys!

Cynthia Swanson

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if Dopweb was right for me. Friends and family said I should try some other popular sites for my business’ needs. But after working closely with the team, they made all my dreams come true! My logo is amazing and my business is booming!

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Our skilled team will work with you from the ground up in order to create a bold and brilliant logo you’ll love!

A Logo that Defines You

You’re spending money, your hard earned cash! Therefore, you've got to be sure that your logo suits your needs. It's gotta convey the right message.

No matter the look of your logo, it will impact your company tremendously. That's why working with the best is imperative.

Your logo not only represents your business, but it’s also an extension of yourself!

So why not put your best foot forward? When you’re in need of outstanding business logo design services, our designers are here to collaborate with you!

The initial discovery and exploration process is as follows:

You’ll have a meeting with one of our design professionals. Here, we will begin to build a design brief.
The best logo design projects start with developing an in-depth understanding of your company and its world. What was your business inspiration? Knowing the answer to this allows our designer to make creative decisions that will best resonate with you and vision.

When we have a full understanding of where you are and where you want to go, we’ll be able to better position your brand in a way that meets your goals.

Who’s your competition? Giving us some idea of your business landscape will help us create a brand that will help your business stand above the rest.

Also, how do you do business, what’re your aspirations, what’re the values of your brand that allows you to connect with your customers? After obtaining all of the right information, our team will be fully equipped and prepared to create an outstanding log for you!
If you're looking for logo recognition from near and far, we are the professionals for the job!

Like it or not, you are your logo: As a business and as a potential client or vendor – even as a job seeker or private contractor.

It speaks of what you do and how you do it. It’s also who you want to be, your aspirations and goals:

It’s the dream of you-you want to share with the world. It’s all in there.

Each and every one of our logos is created just for you by our excellent design team. When you need one of a kind, look no further than us!

A Logo that's Pleasing to the Eyes

When looking at your logo from a crowded street, passers-by shouldn't grimace or turn away.

Your logo should be the recognizable factor that brings customers to your establishment in droves.

Sure, it’s your brand and identity, but your potential customers aren’t thinking about that.

You'll be lucky if they even notice your signage while texting and walking, or listening to music.

We exist in a culture where people largely gravitate toward design details, whether big or small, it all matters.

We have sleek smartphones, inexpensive modernist furniture, tablets, and laptop-computers as fetish objects.
This is the world your customers live in.

Well-designed User Interfaces and User Experience design on apps, phone screens, kiosks, and high style websites are not simply a suggestion, but a requirement.

For Millennials, it’s all they’ve ever known. In order to survive in this fast-paced and tech-savvy culture, your logo has to rise above all others or get left behind.

Like colors, your logo's shape is just as important: Part storytelling, part psychology.

Humans are visual creatures by nature. We find some shapes exciting and stimulating, while others can seem serene and calming.

Sometimes, we might prefer shapes that have us bounce back and forth between the two.

They’re taking it in as a visual handshake – a first impression, your best foot forward, a smiling greeting.

So then, what are they finding in your image? Is it what you want to say?

Be assured, if you don’t have a logo, that also leaves an impression – the wrong impression!

Our talented team will help you achieve just that by providing you with outstanding logo development concepts and techniques!

After obtaining the discovery information, we will begin the first stage of logo development.

Our experienced design professionals can begin the work of building your design.
Every great logo design begins with preliminary sketches and visual brainstorming.

With these are the first steps of conceptualization, we begin on the path to uncovering the best solution for you.

We may work with mood boards and other reference imagery and inspirations, both from the client and of our own.

At this stage, we begin to imagine color and shape, followed by constructing the bones of the design.

Our team will experiment with fonts, creating logotypes and logomarks, and integrating concepts.

The strongest logo concepts are collated into a client presentation.

Finally, the last stage of our plan is the presentation and client Input.

Three drafts of executions of your logo are presented. We advise clients to at least spend a few days, to a week, with the initial concepts, although first impressions are also worth noting.

It is also useful to print them out, post them around the house or office and live with them for a time.

Try to imagine encountering them out in the world as would your potential customers.

You may want to get feedback from friends, family, associates, and employees.

Note the responses, even if mixed.

All input can help us in refine and improve a direction that best serves you.

After that, another client consultation can be arranged and feedback shared.

We may have more questions at this stage to further extract detailed feedback from the client.

A Logo that Captures Your Audience

Before you can get the most out of a new logo, you’ll need to be sure you know your demographic. The success of your logo will depend on this factor.

Do you need a logo that caters to children? Adults? Animals? Knowing your target audience is key!

Our designers will work with you to help you create a streamlined logo that will resonate with your satisfied customers.

During the second presentation of our work, we’ll strip away things that don’t work and develop the ideas that do.

More intercommunications may follow. The client may require little discussion or no changes at all.

Very often this is the case. Otherwise, the logo is getting very close to its final form now.

After the first presentation, our professionals will go through two rounds of changes if necessary.

Any uncertainties and refinements are addressed now. Any final tweaks will take place here.

Being unconcerned about the design that represents you is a luxury you cannot afford.

What happens after they’re won over by your logo is up to you.

But first, you’ve got to get them to click or call.

That’s what we can do for you.

A Stand Out Logo

Are you looking to buy a logo? Don’t settle for any bargain basement design. Instead, invest in top-quality!

Come to the experts that are guaranteed to create your logo with excellence.

Our online logo design service won’t let you down! We guarantee our experts will craft a logo that’s uniquely you!

Here’s another rule: Design is a key value differentiator. It’s been proven over and over again.

That means, if your logo looks like the other guys’ logo, why should anyone think your business isn’t also just like the other guys’?

And just looking good to you isn’t enough.
The brilliance of a logo is that it can say so much in just one image.

You want your logo to say the most important things about your business in as little time as possible.

Logo design is about more than digging through heaps of font files waiting for something to jump out at you.

It’s not about clip art, stock images, and template designs that are available to everyone, everywhere.

You don’t want your reputation confused with some shady company using the same art or image.

You need something that’s unique, yours and yours alone. Our team will come through for you without a hitch!

The last phase of the design process,(the final Presentation), will be created with Adobe Illustrator.

We can provide wonderful and vibrant vector art which can be exported to any format required.

The standard files consist of: .AI (for future editing if desired), .EPS / .PDF (for printing), .JPEG (for viewing) and.PNG (with a transparent background for web use).

The Vector file formats allow for the maximum range of output because you can scale the size without a loss of quality or sharpness.

This allows your logo design to look great whatever size it’s outputted; from a business card to a billboard.

It’s completely scalable!

The project’s final files will be arranged clearly so you'll know exactly how and when to use them.

All the appropriate formats and layouts are included, along with monotone black and white versions for varied usage backgrounds.

Everything you need!

A Timeless Logo

You won’t find a logo designer that can compete with our track record of success.

A bad look, beginning with a badly designed logo and website, ensures that your website won’t be read, trusted, or visited for any length of time.

Helping our clients to create a memorable identity is what we do best!

And it’s not just for swanky boutiques, hipster gastropubs, and disruptive tech companies. Good logo design should matter to everyone.

A great logo should endure for years and years, not become weathered and wither away like some other businesses of years passed.

With our logo services, you can be sure that yours is one that will live on for generations.

To help in the design process, you’ll need to have answers to these questions:

How would you like your customers to see you?

How they actually see you?

How do you see your business evolving over the short and longer terms?

The good news is, good design, a good logo, is something you can buy.

With good design, you don’t necessarily have to out-innovate your competition.

You just have to look like you could.

If your logo could use a little zing, contact us.

Our skilled team will work with you from the ground up in order to create a bold and brilliant logo you’ll love!