SEO Service Agency: Don’t Settle For The Wrong One

Finding an agency that can provide effective SEO services can be the most affordable marketing strategy for your business.


SEO Agency: What You Need To Know First

SEO is without a doubt the most important aspect of online marketing for every single business.

It is the process that establishes and improves your company’s online presence and pretty much everything depends on your online presence.

In today’s world it is not good business trying to connect with your industry and audience base if your website does not show up on Google SERP’s.

Try to successfully marketing your services or products as well without securing a presence on Google search.

Not so surprisingly, most businesses still have not achieved a sufficient online presence and content marketing strategy.

A good content strategy is pivotal in your SEO efforts since the words on a website is partly what web crawlers use to determine what kind of a site it is.

For instance, an SEO content writer making a blog writing post about dog food would need to write content that pertains specifically to dog food if it wants Google to show users who search for this subject on its SERP’s.

Unfortunately, many businesses employ the services of so-called SEO specialist experts and agencies to handle their content marketing which leads to little results.

How To Search For The Right SEO Agency

There are thousands of small to large SEO focused agencies that can assist you in ranking your website on Google search.

If you come into contact with a nice prospect then make sure to request a past work sample from them to see if their legit.

Another point make is to know who exactly will be working your website optimization at the agency since many agencies outsource their work overseas for cheap labor, which in my experience is a no-no!

After you come to an agreement on business arrangements then you will have to ensure there will be an understanding on what keywords and keyphrases will be targeted and optimized for.

I make this point from experience since there are far too many agencies who have no knowledge of the industries they are paid to market for and resort to using black-hat softwares for their SEO strategies.

Not saying that this kind of method never works, but the problem resides in its propensity to cause damage to the site as Google continuously changes their algorithms.

Smaller and cheaper agencies usually employ these tactics while the more expensive SEO service agencies provide more quality service through greater attention to detail on your website.

A more experienced SEO agency with a successful background is naturally going to demand a higher rate for their services, which is to be expected after all.

That being said, don’t just take a company’s talking points for their word, and be sure to ask for simple suggestions to make on your website and check online to see if these recommendations make sense.

If your having trouble with a not so responsive website that is inhibiting growth in your business ranking then ask them how they could address this issue.

Ask them how long it will take to springboard your company onto the first page on Google search, and if it is too short (less than 3 months) then they are probably lying.

If it is too long (more than 15 months) then you should use more time considering the cost/benefit ratio for their services.

You should be getting involved as much as possible with their SEO marketing strategy since your results will be influenced by the amount of information you share with your partners.

An SEO agency without a strong knowledge of web development skills (html, css, javascript) is unlikely to understand the fundamentals of website design and optimization.

Try researching their website and seeing the type of keywords they use, including their web design to ascertain how much they really know about search engine optimization.

Don’t Trust Google Suggestions Only

Most companies consider the websites that pop up on the first page on Google when searching for keyword such as “best seo agencies” as the agencies to trust.

While this theory is understandable, it is also deceptive since most great SEO agencies are too busy working on their clients website rankings to place much focus on their own.

So instead the lesser quality agencies that have made a more concerted effort to reach the top of SERP’s are given the benefit of the doubt by unknowing companies.

For example, a not so experienced agency I worked with used AMP and a couple of other SEO tricks to jolt us to the top of Google search when in all actuality, there were probably dozens of other agencies with a much larger list of accomplishments who deserved the spot.

You must also consider the effect that Google algorithms play when you search for a type of company such as a SEO agency.

Google’s search engine (and others) give greater priority to showing businesses that are located within your area on your result page.

Instead of relying on the search engines for good SEO prospects, try utilizing social media platforms to find agencies with a strong social presence.

A strong social media presence indicates an adeptness within the lines of brand awareness that requires similar skills as SEO does.


If you need a create a website first then an SEO agency shouldn’t be your first priority to look for since there are other agencies that place much more focus on creating much better sites. Include website building, homepage and external link.

Our team here at dopweb has a team dedicated to providing first-rate web development services and a separate SEO department to handle ranking the website on search engines.

There are tons of other resources you can also pick up on that will give you some insight on how to go about your search for an SEO agency.

However, we can guarantee you that there is no other agency that will guarantee you the results that our team have been bringing to our clients since the inception of our agency!