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posted bydopweb27/05/2020

Listen to your customers!

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about customer testimonials and their importance for your business. Let's review these key points together:

Testimonials Explained

A testimonial may not seem like much but they actually wield great power. A testimonial is more than just nice words from a user; they provide social proof that a product is worth using.

Whether we know it or not, we are more likely to use a product if it provides us with social proof than if it does not.

Word of mouth is one of the most popular ways to advertise a product. That's why testimonials tend to do so well on websites across the internet.

According to a study done by Nielson, 92% of individuals will place their trust in a recommendation from a peer and 70% of people will take one from someone they don't know well at all.

Generating Testimonials From Recent Customers

You might be wondering how to receive customer testimonials. The only way to achieve this successfully is by asking for them.

The key is knowing how to ask. Randomly selecting clients to create a testimonial could work from time to time.

However, it's best to compose a system that will request and receive testimonials via email blasts or social media. This will ultimately give you a better ROI.

Since your services and products will be fresh in the minds of your most recent customers, it's a smart idea to ask them for feedback. Ask questions such as, how was your experience? What did you think of the product/service?

They will be likely to give you an honest and accurate opinion of the product due to the fact that they recently purchased it. Also, don't be afraid to follow up with recent customers.

Form a relationship with them so they'll know that you are a brand that they can stay loyal to. Feelings like this can lead to more word of mouth recommendations for you.

Testimonials & Following Up

If you've sent out emails to a select group of customers but did not receive a response, sending a follow-up email is a wise idea.

Perhaps they forgot to respond the email or they simply have not had time to form an opinion about the product yet.

Following up will give you an opportunity to remind customers about your brand and your products and suggest that they leave valuable feedback. In addition to this, it's also a smart choice to follow up with customers that did respond to your initial email for a testimonial.

If they were on board with it the first time, it couldn't hurt to ask again down the line. Assuming they enjoyed your product, you can ask if they would mind leaving more feedback about your product.

Satisfied customers won't mind doing this, especially if they had the chance to get to know your brand more over time.

Testimonials from Your Best Customers

Your best customers will be a no-brainer for testimonials. They are the ones that won't mind praising your company.

Also, the simple act of reaching out to your customers on a personal level will help strengthen your relationship with them.

So don't hesitate to reach out to customers that have proven loyal and consistent over time. They are the ones you can count on to provide you with the support that you need.

The Right Testimonials

When asking for a testimonial, it's not enough to simply ask for a "testimonial." You'll want to ask leading questions that will prompt the customer to want to leave a glowing and informative testimonial.

For instance, you should ask questions such as, how much money did you save with our product? What's the major benefit you've seen from using our product?

These questions are perfect because it allows the customer to think hard about the facts and produce a response that is sure to be convincing to others that may show interest in your product.

Create Stunning Testimonials

It's important to keep in mind that you don't have to take a testimonial as it is. At the end of the day, this will represent your brand.

You'll want to make sure that it's flawless. What does this mean? Grammatical errors should be corrected and long-winded explanations should be simplified.

If you do decide to make changes to a testimonial, it's necessary to reach out to the customer for approval.

Elements of a Testimonial

Within the testimonial, the are several elements that must be included. You'll need information such as the customers first and last name, the date, and a picture.

A link to the customer's website or social media pages would also be helpful. With these elements included, your testimonial will appear legitimate, unlike testimonials that don't supply this information.

Implementing Testimonials

Now that you've learned what it takes to ask for a testimonial and what to include in a testimonial, it's time to implement your testimonials. There are many ways in which you can let your testimonials be seen by countless potential customers. Below are the various ways in which you can display your amazing testimonials.

- Blog Content - Blog readers are potential customers. With that being said, including brief testimonials toward the end would be to your benefit.

- Website Product Pages - Including testimonials on these pages are more than encouraged, they are necessary. This is where clients will come to scope out your product. You'll want to put your best foot forward.

- CTAs - Placing testimonials near your CTA pages is necessary as well. This is your potential customer's last chance to see positive reviews about your product.

- Email Marketing - We all know that email blasts are an important part of the marketing process. Attaching testimonials to your outgoing emails will help customers to form a positive opinion about your product.

Testimonials Summarized

Testimonials can do a lot to improve your conversion rates. They are not only kind words written by pleased customers, but they are reviews that potential customers count on to help them make an informed decision.

Along with including testimonials in your email and marketing efforts, you should ensure that each one you choose to use is informative and positive.

Don't forget when selecting your testimonials to be sure that the customer's name, date, and any links to their websites are included. This will help the testimonial to be trusted by potential customers.

Here at dopweb, we know that the average business professional already has so many tasks to complete.

Our experienced team will help you to make the most of your testimonials while you continue to ensure the growth and success of your business.

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