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posted bydopweb23/05/2020

Accelerate your site with our Google AMP website builder. Our best free Google AMP website builder software helps you build an amazing AMP site in minutes.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for your website. Let’s get started by reviewing these key points:

Say Hello to AMP Website Builder!

Do slow load times make you want to throw your phone out the window? Let's not be hasty, get ready to have your mind blown by a little thing called AMP!

What's AMP, you may ask? It's only the answer to all your problems. AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) is an open source system that makes searching the web better than ever before. We're talking, way better. We kid you not!

Linked to numerous domains across the web, these three little letters allow your favorite web pages to load in little to no time at all.

It's designed to be lightweight and fast loading. Have you ever noticed the tiny lightning bolt that appears in front of some of your favorite website links on Google (SERPs)?

That symbol is your new best friend!

It alerts users that the site in question is an AMP-supported site and therefore has a responsive web design that is able to load without a problem.

Currently connected to 25 million domains, AMP is coming out of the gate strong and is only growing in strength.

That's right my friend, the days of staring at your smartphone and watching a wheel spin are over, the future has arrived.

Though the program is fairly new, soon, websites like these will be the industry standard.

In the meantime, don't keep spinning your wheels searching for important information, simply keep an eye out for the lightning bolt, it won't steer you wrong!

What AMP Website Builder Can Do for You!

Picture this, if your website is already receiving wide visitorship from mobile devices across the web, it will increase by twice as much once your site loads even faster.

It will also appear at the top of Google's search pages ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves.

Google also chooses to display AMP sites in news related searches across all mobile devices.

Based on a study that took place in 2017, Google increased its AMP news results from 30% to 70%. That's a major jump!

AMP also has a better UX (user experience) and a proven reduction in bounce rate. That's important to consider when you're trying to climb high in SEO ranking .

We'll discuss how AMP will help you climb higher a bit later. Are you still skeptical about what AMP can do for you?

Just wait until you dive into the juicy details that we've got to share with you. We know it'll be worth your while.

AMP Website Builder Capabilities

AMP makes it easy to produce websites that are of great quality and load instantly. An AMP powered web page can be controlled across a slew of devices.

Not only is AMP available across 25 million domains, but it also consists of over 100 technology providers that dabble in industries such as advertising, e-commerce , entertainment, publications and much more.

So, if you thought that AMP was specific to one type of business, this isn't so. AMP makes mobile web surfing a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

Accessibility with AMP Website Builder

The fact that AMP will make your website load faster means that your site will be more accessible to users. Accessibility is important.

Though speed and access might sound similar, they aren't. You see, Google appreciates sites that load quickly and have great rankings.

These are the site's that find their way onto the Google Carousels (more on those later).

As a result, the most popular AMP sites are pushed to the top of Mobile platforms.

If your site is on the top of the SERPs ( search engine results pages) then that gives users more access to your website.

Do you follow? In turn, more access means more conversions!

Innovating with AMP website builder

The truth of the matter is that even so-called mobile-friendly sites are still slow! Buffering continues to run rampant across devices everywhere.

That is why speed is so important. Finally, you can have speed on your side simply by making the decision to implement the AMP platform.

When you choose to create an AMP version of your website you're saying to the world that you're an innovator.

Customers like innovators. That means you're on the cutting edge of what's current and trendy.

This not only makes you more valuable in the eyes of potential site visitors, but it also makes you credible and trustworthy.

In this day and age customers need to feel that they can trust the establishment that they plan on shelling out their hard earned money to!

AMP Website Builder Framework

AMP websites are mainly mobile versions of desktop websites. However, it is possible to choose to run only one version of your website, the AMP version!

That means, in order for Google to find their existing website, a "canonical" tag must link the two websites together.

In order to function optimally, they are made to load only the necessary components. In an effort to speed things up Google cache pages grab AMP pages to provide instant satisfaction.

The main components of AMPs functionality are as follows:

- HTML-AMP HTML is a subset of HTML. Because of this, it allows for certain restrictions in order to ensure that their pages achieve great performance.

Translation, bulky elements of HTML will be stripped down to its bare necessities.

With this method in place, it will still function at high capacity without the need for the development of new rendering engines.

AMP HTML documents should also be marked with the appropriate metadata.

- AMP JS- This helps AMP HTML load quickly. In an effort to maintain this, it doesn't allow for any author written javascript coding.

Instead, it operates by custom-designed AMP operations. Any JavaScript that is not already in the provided library will not work with AMP.

One drawback of this is that it does impact website uniqueness and branding , but your viewership will go through the roof.

AMP Cache - This is a secure network that helps deliver AMP documents at lightning fast speeds.

Not only does this cache help pages to load quickly, but they also keep your websites SEO optimized.

Golden Rules for AMP Website Builder

When utilizing AMP, it's important to keep the basics in mind. Failure to properly control and maintain an AMP powered website could result in system malfunctions and a poor experience for users.

A poor user experience could quickly translate into a high bounce rate.

If a bug is found in a particular AMP site, it's up to a seasoned professional to ensure that it doesn't affect the rest of the web community.

Believe us, this is a real possibility!

That is why you'll need the help of knowledgeable experts like our professionals to make sure that your page is AMP-friendly and fully optimized!

We'll ensure that none of these components are overlooked.

- Putting User Experience First- The objective of the AMP platform is to improve user experience!

If you fail to take that into consideration, your page will not be optimized to its full capacity.

In order to ensure that your page is functioning at its best possible level, our professionals will take into account your site's brilliant color scheme and it's unique logo .

Blogs and informative articles will be left to our experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

We'll also keep your content current and engaging so your readers will never lose interest.

- Program Compatibility- Don't try and create website components that don't handle quick load times well. This will only in headaches for you along with higher bounce rates.

Unfortunately, many first-timers make this mistake. Faster load times mean nothing if the program or content provides a bad user experience.

What you're going to need are programs that can perform under pressure. Leave it to us to provide your website with everything it needs. We won't steer you wrong!

- Stay with the times- often, business owners will try to stay ahead of the curb by introducing new platforms and codes.

They think this will make them famous and more credible, however this a fallacy.

Lack of compatibility with current programs could interfere with the functionality of your AMP site altogether.

So, remember, more is not always merrier.

- No special treatment- This rule is one of the most important. AMP treats all websites equally. That means no one has preferential treatment over another.

We'll take our time to do things right from the ground up so not only will it have great SEO rankings, but it will also provide outstanding speed and excellent performance for its users.

Who doesn't love excellent performance?

AMP Website Builder Optimization

Considering your user's experience is one thing. However, in order to fully make the most of your AMP site, correct web optimization is definitely the key factor.

Experts across the web and the country agree that AMP will increase organic traffic to your website and increase conversions.

With over 20 years of experience, we'll go above and beyond to implement these key optimization factors to ensure that your site achieves maximum success.

- Get your users involved- Including things such as login buttons and exciting industry related quizzes or polls will help keep your visitors interested and engaged in your rich and informative content .

Informative links- We'll provide relevant links to blogs/articles that readers and potential customers won't want to miss.

Our experts will even take the liberty of creating backlinks to help you build a better reputation within the web community.

Squares and triangles both tend to be viewed as gender-neutral. Squares and triangles also represent solidity and conservatism.

Appearing on all of these sites will surely help your business rise to the top of the heap.

The Goal of AMP Website Builder

Other than it's speed, the goal of AMP is to obtain predictable patterns of performance, favorable performance, that is!

That means all pictures should only be loaded if it needs to be seen by the user and they should be small in size for the best loading time.

AMP strives to maintain a top-quality user experience for all. Though some features will be changed in order to make room for this format, users will appreciate its user-friendliness.

With new features for this platform being introduced all the time, you can look forward to all the new capabilities that AMP will soon provide. We know we can't wait!

AMP Advertising

Advertising your sites utilizing an AMP structure is the right choice for any business seeking success and high SEO rankings! With it, your pages will load in one second.

Users will be more likely to follow through on your calls to action because of this! As a result, you'll be able to improve the success of your online campaigns as well as maximize your site's presence across the web.

This means you'll stand a greater chance of customers purchasing new products and even recommending friends to do the same.

When it comes to online shopping, quick load times and user-friendly experience is the way to. So don't continue to lose revenue on dinosaur speeds, step up to AMP!

You'll be glad you did!

AMP Publishing

AMP works wonders for a myriad of purposes. If you're a publisher, AMP technology will increase the speed of your site allowing for readers to stay on your page longer, in other words, improve (Dwell Time).

Dwell time is important because even if your site is fast if your articles are slow to load, then customers won't stay put. With AMP, articles will load in a flash and bouncing will be a thing of the past!

This means readers will become more engaged in your content and even continue to visit your website or recommend it to others.

In order to achieve this, AMP removes all those pesky items that won't load well, such as, images that are too large and any contact forms.

Though you may miss the plethora of visuals that were formally on your side, you'll dry your tears won't you see how much your readership has increased!

AMP and Entertainment

If you thought AMP sounded great for advertisers and publications, you'll love what it does for the entertainment industry.

Just think about it. Music fans can gain access to concert and festival tickets instantly. Ticket-sellers will be loving life!

Sports fans will be going to the game in a flash, no pesky buffering here! Yup, AMP makes the life of a fan and an entertainment company so much more exciting.

Not only that, but all the latest news and gossip on your favorite celebs will be scrolling across your screens in no time! You'll know all the latest "tea" before all of your friends!

AMP Analytics

With AMP analytics, keeping track of your viewership isn't complicated. There are two ways to measure the analytics of your AMP site:

- The AMP Pixel-Element- A tag is placed within your site's coding to enable you to keep track of page views.

- The AMP Analytics-Extended Component- Allows for a great level of analytics management. It involves coding that is a bit more sophisticated and advanced than The AMP Pixel-Element.

Our team highly recommends this type of analytics because it allows you to uncover more details about your site's visitors and conversion rates.

Our technicians will be glad to provide your website with this capability!

Visibility AMP

By now, we know that AMP pages are fast, lightning fast to be exact! But, that's not the only plus side of choosing the AMP platform for your web content.

This modality will also increase your website's visibility on search pages. How, you may wondering?

Websites that are optimized with AMP are clearly marked in searches with its famous lightning bolt symbol.

A combination of the both allows more flexibility and a wider range of applications.

These symbols will ultimately equate to more clicks on your page, which translates into higher rankings. We're not saying AMP will rank you higher, but we are saying it's speed will!

Furthermore, AMP is only available via the mobile platform; For this reason, it has an advantage over desktop versions of most websites.

\Websites that contain AMP capabilities will rank higher than sites without for the reason we mentioned earlier.

AMP Validity

Speed is not the only factor in accelerated mobile pages; your site must also be validated.

That way, sites such as Google and Twitter will treat you like a more trusted and authoritative presence.

There's not just one way that your site can be validated, there's tons! Our skilled experts will explore a myriad of validation methods to ensure that your AMP page remains on top of the results pages.

- Browser Extension - A browser extension found on the toolbar that automatically validates each visited AMP page.

- Network Performance Management packages - A plugin that provides integration and validation

- Command Line Tool - A sequence of coding that provides for validation.

Lack of AMP Validation

If for you any reason Google detects that your page has issues or lacks validation, your page will not be discovered in SERPs.

Not only will not get the benefits of Google's cache services, a system that allows your pages to be discovered by users with great speed, but it's less likely that you'll be seen by many searchers.

At the end of the day, that spells bad news for your conversion rates. But, with the professionals at dopweb on your side, you've got no reason to worry. We'll take care of everything!

A trusted team of professionals will be sure to properly validate your website with no problem. With these google validation platforms in place, your site will be found with ease and rank high on the most popular SERPs.

Fewer Distractions with AMP

When we look at desktop sites in comparison with mobile sites, we notice instantly that desktop sites are loaded with attention-grabbing, yet distracting, web content.

Though the site creator was on the right track for optimization and visual purposes, they failed to take into account user-friendliness. Yes, that minor detail makes all the difference!

An AMP site removes distracting content in favor of a more sleek and streamlined design. Using this method, visitors can focus on what matters most to them.

Due to the removal of certain HTML codes and author composed javascript, AMP produces a clean and easy to follow version of the site.

Fewer distractions equal more positive results. What could be simpler than that?

From PC to AMP

Back in the day, desktop computers dominated the way we search the web for goods and information.

However, as society began to shift into a cell phone-based culture, the need for mobile-friendly pages became more and more apparent.

Google was among one of the establishments that took notice of this phenomenon.

In 2015, Google decided to help out websites by releasing an algorithm that would allow sites to become more compatible with smartphones.

This move worked and the importance of mobile capabilities for websites could no longer be denied.

From then on website owners made sure that their sites were compatible with smartphones worldwide.

Fast forward to more recent times and it's clear that most pages are considered mobile-friendly. Nevertheless, that still didn't stop some pages from loading faster than others.

Web surfers of today don't want to wait more than one second for a page to load. With that being said, many visitors would bounce as a result of the website's poor loading time.

The solution to this issue is AMP. Recognized for its speed by the lightning bolt symbol, this has revolutionized web searches on mobile devices.

AMP vs Mobile-Friendly

While many may think that the terms AMP and Mobile-Friendly are interchangeable, in truth, they are not.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are only available across mobile platforms. Mobile-Friendly sites follow a protocol that allows them to perform well across all platforms, desktops included.

Most websites now contain the mobile-friendly title. But, AMP is not yet as common.

Many mobile sites would find it more beneficial to create an AMP version of their site in order to drive traffic to their landing pages and increase their ranking results.

While the subject remains controversial to some, the proof is in the numbers!

AMP Size and Load Time

An AMP page is significantly smaller than a traditional mobile-friendly site. This, in turn, creates a faster load time for the AMP supported page.

In comparison with a mobile-friendly website that loaded at 3.60s, AMP loaded at 696ms.

According to Jarrod Dicker of The Washington Post, click through rates are improved by 50% with the use of AMP. 51% of mobile users are said to have returned to the online version of the publication within 7 days.

User Tracking with AMP

With that speed and outstanding optimization, of course, user tracking is also made easy with AMP!

This format will show how users arrived at your site and how many users have visited.

AMPs analytical tool options allow for easy tracking of your HTML tags and monitoring of your site's clicks, conversions, and more.

AMP Positioning

AMP can improve your SEO positioning in two ways, both direct and indirect. Because of its quick and effortless loading, AMP receives much better positioning on Google. It's eye-catching lightening bolt also gives it great positioning indirectly.

Due to human nature, people are more inclined to click on the links with the lightning bolt symbol attached to it.

Whether they know that it represents speed or not, it's almost as though clicking on it comes second nature to them.

With improved click-through rates being one of the main goals of AMP, you stand to achieve success!

Ranking with AMP

The AMP platform is not a ranking factor for now. However, it seems to be the direction that things are moving in.

If you choose to make your AMP site your primary page, search engines will judge the quality of its pages and that could translate into great results for you and your business.

As speed becomes more and more of a mainstay to searchers and Google alike, the need for AMP will become more salient.

Let's be clear, AMP is not a shortcut to the top of Google SERPs, but it will help a great deal!

The main thing to consider is if you're utilizing AMP as a secondary page to your desktop site, then it's important to ensure that both sites contain the same rich content and features.

That way, your primary site has a better chance of receiving a favorable ranking.

Years ago Google pushed for sites to become mobile-friendly. They went so far as to penalize those that did not create mobile-friendly versions of their website.

With that mentality in place, it is clear that AMP is the wave of the future. That means, that though AMP is not a requirement now, soon enough it will be!

It's better to work with a trusted professional to optimize your site now than to wait until your business falls behind the curb!

Lead with AMP

AMP has a tremendous amount of benefits for business owners. It also provides a bit of healthy competition.

If you don't have AMP and your competitors do, your site may appear to be lackluster in comparison.

However, if you choose to make use of the AMP platform before your competitors, this will give your website a leg up!

Satisfied users will choose your site over theirs, placing you in a great position for success.

When faced with the choice between winning and losing, wouldn't you rather be a winner? Our professionals can make that vision a reality!

Google Impact

Interestingly enough, AMP optimized news stories are the first to appear on Google search pages web-wide.

In the past, Google's protocols lead website visitors to sites outside of Google.

However, with AMP in place searchers are being guided to more of Google's own platforms, which in turn keep them on Google's site.

This allows mobile users to consume content without ever having to exit Google.

The AMP Carousel

With an AMP website, your site stands a better chance of being placed in the AMP Carousel. This page is horizontal and appears at the top of Google's SERPs.

With this in place, users will never have to scroll down to locate your business. This is great when it comes to high traffic searching.

The fastest and highest ranked AMP pages will be loaded into the Carousel and delivered to the fingertips of satisfied online visitors.

AMP Top 5

Though many media outlets try to make the claim that AMP is only beneficial to content producing websites, such as newspapers and the like, it has also shown great results for other types of business as well.

According to a Google search of auto dealerships, 5 out of the top 6 results were AMP supported platforms complete with the lightning bolt as proof!

If you're looking to see traffic to your website grow leaps and bounds, AMP will get the job done effortlessly.

Visitors are more likely to trust your site's reputation based on your website's AMP symbol. Your site will also meet visitor's expectations for high speed.

Introducing AMP Stories

Much like Instagram and Snapchat, AMP has released a stories platform. Using AMP technology, full-screen videos have the ability to load in high definition with little to no load time.

Now, you can view video content without the hassles of buffering and glitches. AMP guarantees speed and functionality.

These stories are broken down into several pages that contain the basic elements of AMP, HTML, amp-story, amp-story-page, amp-story-grid layer, amp-image, amp-video h1.

In order for an AMP story to show up in online searches, it must contain the necessary metadata. This includes story name, publishers name, logo, and a poster image.

Dynamic AMP

Originally created for static content, AMP has now branched out into creating more dynamic content as well. They have unleashed a slew of components that will allow for more dynamic functionality within your AMP page.

So when you continue to hear naysayers mention that AMP takes away your sites freedom, you can prove them wrong!

Below are a few of the plugins that will allow for more dynamic content on your site:

AMP Video

Though many critics worry about the visual elements of AMP driven sites. AMP Video components eliminate that concern for good.

With the web's major gravitation towards video, it stands to reason that your AMP page should include high-quality video content.

The creators of AMP agree! Now you've got the option to add crisp and vibrant video sources to your page.

Links to YouTube and the like can be added to your AMP site with the help of an AMP video plugin.

Should you choose to include video content to your site (which you should) adding this AMP video plugin to your site's coding is very necessary.

AMP Push Notification

Adding push notifications is a great tactic for boosting traffic to your website. In order to enable this feature, it is important that your site is outfitted with the web push notification AMP component.

With this component installed on to your site, notifications about your business can pop up on tablets, phablets, and phones across the globe.

You would be missing out on a major SEO opportunity if you didn't consider incorporating this component to your AMP page.

AMP Share Buttons

One cannot overlook the importance of social media . Everyone from business tycoons to high school teens uses social media to stay connected to friends, family, and other associates.

That is why the AMP share buttons plugin is available. With this additional feature installed into your AMP page's coding, your users will be allowed to share your engaging and compelling content across their favorite social media websites.

Isn't that exciting?

Imagine how much exposure your content and products will gain the instant your content is shared.

That's a whole lot of eyeballs devouring everything your website has to offer. This plugin is too great not to be implemented on your AMP page.

Our professionals will address your AMP needs with skill and attention to detail so that no ranking opportunity will be missed.

The Future of AMP

Looking ahead and into the bright future, AMP is strongly recommended if you're looking to improve your ability to be discovered, Increase viewer dwell time, gain the trust of your audience, and be seen as a visionary across the web.

With the rise of hand-held searching devices, the use of AMP is only becoming more imperative.

Soon and very soon, the vast majority of website traffic will come directly from mobile devices. We'll wonder if people will still be using desktop computers and laptops at all. But we digress.

The bottom line is, you could wait until desktop websites become entirely obsolete, or, you could hire a skilled AMP expert to create an AMP page for your site and ensure that it's properly optimized for success.

We'll take care of the coding, keywords, and rich content so all you'll have to do is sit back and watch your website work for you.

AMP Implementation

Due to the complex coding process of AMP, it's best if you allow an industry professional to properly implement this new technology.

A qualified technician will implement the AMP structure perfectly, so you won't have to worry about a thing. From keeping your page up to date to search engine optimization, we've got you covered!

Our experts are equipped with over 20 years of experience and all the right tools to make the most of your website.

Here, we strive for continued excellence! If you'd like to see your online presence take flight, look no further than dopweb for all of your web design needs !

We are the team that satisfied business owners trust most.

AMP Website Builder Summarized

The logic behind the AMP platform is fairly easy to understand. Loosely translated, AMP is an open source format that was designed for speed.

In order to get the most out of your site's AMP experience, you'll need more than speed, you'll also need excellent content. But don't worry, that's where our team comes in!

Created from a partnership with Google, Twitter, and over 500 contributors, AMP is quickly becoming the wave of the future.

The bottom line is, you could wait until desktop websites become entirely obsolete, or, you could hire a skilled AMP expert to create an AMP page for your site and ensure that it's properly optimized for success.

Though many say that AMP is another way for Google to control the web, those with AMP optimized websites have shown major success.

On average, 4 out of 6 of the top results on SERPs are held by AMP supported pages. The numbers alone are proof positive!

If you've ever wondered if AMP was the right choice for you, we hope that now the answer is crystal clear.

Our industry experts have created AMP pages for a plethora of successful websites and we'd like to do the same for you.

It doesn't matter if you're an advertiser or an online publication, growth and profit can be yours!

Whether you're trying to improve your company's visibility or you'd like to climb to the first page of SERPs, our team is here for you!

But don't just take our word for it, put us to the test and experience our optimization power for yourself.

Automatically checks each page of your site for AMP validation.

Our AMP website builderValidator will check the current page to see if it is an AMP page and then run it through the AMP validator and report if the page passes (green) or fails (red) via the extension icon.

If there are any warnings or errors it'll list the number underneath the extension icon and clicking the icon will display the warnings and/or errors.

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