How to create an AMP landing page for a Shopify online store?

posted by dopweb 28/01/2021

In order to get customers to convert, it is important to have a landing page that not only provides a call to action but also one that is AMP, meaning it will load quickly and provide a positive user experience.

Therefore, when creating landing pages for your Shopify e-commerce store, consider using dopweb’s AMP landing page builder.

Your new and improved landing page will quickly provide customers with the information they need and get you the sales and conversions you have been looking for.

In this article, we will discuss:

What a landing page is and why it is important

A landing page is a page the user “lands” on after clicking on an advertisement, whether that is from Google Ads or through a targeted email campaign.

Different from other pages on your website, a landing page is created to increase conversions, such as getting a customer to subscribe, purchase, or book a consultation.

Therefore, landing pages are designed with the goal to provide a clear call to action that the user will respond to.

Landing pages are important because they can supplement or drive your digital marketing efforts, as the users clicking onto your landing page are likely coming from other marketing channels.

So you may be wondering, “Can any of my webpages serve as landing pages?”

The simple answer is yes they can!

However, the more complex answer is that you want to develop a landing page that is impactful and motivates the user to take a certain action.

Other pages on your website, such as the homepage, serve a different purpose. For example, the homepage aims to represent your brand or business as a whole, having many buttons for users to click on to explore your many offerings.

However, a landing page tends to be more straightforward, having a more clear goal in mind. This is why it is also important to create several versions of your landing page.

What is AMP and what are the benefits it offers

AMP (Advanced Mobile Pages) optimize your website for mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets. This makes the user experience (UX) much better, as it ensures your webpages load in under one second.

Not only do AMP pages load quickly, but they also ensure the code is being presented accurately.

AMP was developed by Google itself, another sign that it will greatly improve your Google Ads campaign, and Google search engine rankings.

AMP helps increase your website’s SEO by decreasing its bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who click off of your website after being the page they landed on. In other words, they viewed one page and did not navigate further.

If a page loads slowly, users are much more likely to bounce off that page because of impatience. However, quickly loading pages will ensure users are engaged longer and are less frustrated.

Similarly, AMP pages have higher advertising views, making your page and website more valuable to advertisers.

Benefits of using the dopweb builder

The dopweb builder was created by SEO experts to provide web development services with SEO strategy in mind.

What is the point of a beautiful website if it does not rank high on search engines?

The dopweb AMP website builder allows anyone to create a website that is SEO optimized without any knowledge of code.

One of the best practices for SEO is AMP, therefore all pages created with dopweb are already AMP.

You simply need to make sure that you don’t make changes that will remove this feature.

Luckily, dopweb builder has integrated features to help you achieve this goal.

In addition, it has an SEO dashboard that contains a number of important keyword metrics to help determine your website’s optimization for chosen keywords.

These metrics help you improve your advertising quality and search engine optimization.

For example, it measures the keyword concentration of each page and tracks the health score of your page, both important aspects of online advertising strategy.

For an even better understanding of your page’s performance, Google Lighthouse is integrated into dopweb’s SEO on-page audit, which runs an audit on your webpage to determine its quality.

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to ensure your landing page is producing sales is to create multiple versions of it and test them to see which produces the best results.

On dopweb, you can easily duplicate pages and adjust the parts you wish to test, whether that is a button, call to action, heading tag, or image. With dopweb, you can easily test multiple landing pages to ensure you are optimizing sales quickly.

If you are after leads, dopweb builder offers a Leads Center that will automatically collect your form submissions. Here you’ll be able to easily track which landing pages achieved higher conversions.

You can also implement Google analytics to track conversions, but with forms, you can analyze what kind of audience responds best to each version of your landing page.

Finally, since dopweb pages are all AMP, they have all of the benefits listed in the previous section.

The steps to create an AMP landing page on dopweb for a Shopify online store

Creating a landing page for your website is essential for Google Ads and social media advertising. However, Shopify doesn't give you a page builder.

Therefore, the only way to create a landing page on Shopify is by coding or using a plugin, like dopweb.

So, we are going to give you the steps to build an AMP landing page on dopweb. Our plugin is best for landing page creation because it is already AMP, you can build a landing page without any knowledge of coding, it can integrate with tracking software, and it helps you optimize keywords for ads.

Once you connect the dopweb plugin, select a landing page template, name it and your domain name will be automatically linked. Then, you can create multiple pages.

To edit your landing page, use the editing menu on the left side to add, delete, and edit content. To add content hover between the two sections where you want to add that content. A little plus button will appear. Click on the plus button and add text, a title, or an image.

Here you can also add your products from Shopify. When you make changes to your Shopify store, they will be automatically updated on your landing pages as well.

To be able to edit most of the elements on the page simply find it listed in the left editing menu or directly on the page. A text box will pop up on the left dashboard and you will be able to edit.

Additionally, the creation of these landing pages using dopweb doesn’t affect existing pages that have already been created on your Shopify website. Rather, these landing pages will be added to the website as additional pages.

You can try to build your landing pages and then connect to your Shopify store. To try it out sign up at


Your website’s landing page could be the difference between acquiring a new client or losing a sale.

It is crucial to have a landing page that presents a call to action and that provides a positive user experience.

Therefore, building an AMP landing page with the dopweb plugin will ensure that your landing page loads in under one second preventing users from bouncing off.

If you have any questions about the dopweb builder or want to hire a web developer to create a landing page for you, the team at dopweb would be happy to offer you our landing page development and ads management services!

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