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posted by dopweb   26/05/2020

We are the leaders in lead generation. If you need to build a website, then our professional website builder will give your website a sharp rise in traffic in a short period of time!

In this article, you will learn more about how to improve your web traffic through effective strategies. Let’s get started with these key points:

What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of a business. It's based on how many users make their way to your website.

As our professionals begin the process of implementing features such as compelling content marketing service, they pay special attention to which platform would be best for your company's advertising.

It's important to take into account who your business caters to. In order to receive clicks from possible leads, you must cater to the right audience for your product.

Because social media is not always a reliable source of potential new business, it is important to utilize web analytics tools for your website and advertising campaigns to ascertain how you can rank on Google's search pages.

These are the pages where potential customers are most likely to dwell. Without the proper framework put in place, such as an AMP application, you might notice poor website performance.

With these factors taken into account, our professionals will change things for the better!

Sources of Web Traffic

Web traffic can come from a variety of sources. Everything from social media to referrals could potentially create traffic to your site.

Our team will ensure that all the necessary components are in place to drive more organic traffic to your website. This way, it doesn't cost web owners to pay for lead generation.

However, white hat SEO may take months to show results. Because of this, some companies go the route of paying for lead generations and advertising, such as AdWords management.

Enter PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising technique that requires business owners to pay a fee to search engines or social sites each time a visitor clicks their ad(s). Though there is a small price to pay, your business stands to gain much more growth if you decide to work with a well-versed team of industry professionals.

Paid Search or Paid Social?

Paid Search and Paid Social are two PPC avenues that have various elements attached to them. Paid Search consists of paid advertising on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, whereas Paid Social focuses on paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It's imperative to understand that social media platforms are largely made up of users who are browsing without the intent to buy. Most people on social media are interested in catching up with old friends and checking out what's going on in their social circles.

However, users that frequent search engines are often searching for information on a product, a product they will potentially buy.

So, a business with the intention of selling or marketing a product would realistically have more luck utilizing a search engine such as Google. However, a company looking to get there name out there should begin the process by advertising across multiple social media platforms.

The Importance Of Keywords In PPC Marketing

Keywords are the holy grail of your paid search/social campaigns. The keywords that are chosen will determine who gets to see your ads on Google search pages.

Let's face it, the last thing you'd want is to implement a marketing strategy that advertises your product to the wrong target audience. They won't buy what you're selling and ultimately you'd be wasting your time and hard-earned dollars.

The amount that your skilled professional bids on your keywords is determined by the CPC of that given keyword. Some are more costly than others.

Deciding whether or not a keyword is worth the price is up to your PPC specialist.

Selecting the right keywords is just the tip of the iceberg. Next, comes deciding which match types work best for all of your keywords. The following are the four types to choose from.

Broad match type - This is unfiltered. Selecting this match type will allow your keywords to be shown to audiences who have no particular interest in your product or industry. This match type does bring in more traffic than all the others, however, it can be a tremendous drain of your time and resources.

Phrase match type (" ") - Phrase match will allow your keyword to show to people who searched a query using a particular order. This gives you as the advertiser more range across the web. For instance, if your keyword is "artificial turf" then the search query, where to find cheap artificial turf will be shown, but the search query where to find artificial cheap turf will not. You can set up a keyword to be in phrase match by putting it in quotes (as shown above).

Exact match type ([ ]) - With this match type your ads will only be shown to users whose search queries are matched exactly as your keyword. If the bidded keyword does not match the search query perfectly, then the ad for this given keyword will not be shown to the user. For example, if your keyword is [dog leash] then the search query, dog leash for pitbulls or cheap dog leash will not show. Certain similar keyword phrases are still eligible to show in results. This match type is the most filtered option. If your specialist feels that this match type is right for your advertising, then brackets should be placed on each side of the keyword.

Broad Match Modified (+) - This option allows your ad to be shown to search queries that contain your keyword in any order. This method can be your best friend, especially in the case of long tailed keywords.

This will allow your keyword to show up no matter how curious web visitors type it. With this match type, you'll be more likely to gain more web traffic. With that being said, it does have its challenges.

For example, the keyword, +repair +shop can be shown to search queries as, best hard drive repair shop in LA or tire repair shop near me. What if this company was a TV repair shop?

This would be disastrous since they are receiving traffic from people not even searching for repairs related to your type of service. This is the reason why shorter-tailed keywords can be ineffective to use in conjunction with (BMM) since it leaves the keyword open to more irrelevant variations of your specific keyword.

Your skilled expert can place a keyword in the Broad Match Modified category with a "+" sign in front of each word of your selected keywords.

PPC Campaign Management

Pay Per Click marketing can work for any business advertising strategy if done properly. Whether you're a company looking to build up your email list through sign ups, customer phone calls, or purchasing products on your e-commerce site, this could be a great technique for you.

There are several methods that advertisers can implement on their campaigns to generate more effective traffic in case one avenue is not working.

Negative Keywords are keywords that you would not like shown in search results. Removing unwanted keywords is necessary when it comes to choosing that right match type for your search queries.

This process can be done by continuously keeping up to date with your search terms report and looking out for irrelevant search queries that are not beneficial to your business.

To employ this tactic, your professional can click on the specific search query or manually add which words you want excluded onto your negative keyword list. A great marketer will think of appropriate keywords before running their ads to prevent wasted efforts.

Re-marketing ads is a popular choice among advertisers for the purpose of increasing conversions. It sends ads directly to users who have already expressed interest in your website by visiting it in the past so your time and effort will not be in vain.

In order to accomplish this goal, a trained professional will implement a re-marketing tag or pixel on your website that will track all users who land on your landing page. This process will save use information and allow you to target them later.

Bid Management is a pretty straight-forward concept. It's goal is to help determine your budget for each keyword. This can be done manually by choosing the "manual cpc" bid type. Implementing methods such as this can be quite tricky.

Our qualified professionals will research all the facts and figures for the most popular keywords and create a reasonable budget for you.

Ad Groups are account structures that contain your keywords and ads. If you want to attain a higher CTR (click through rate) and QS (quality score), it's wise to split your ad groups into more specific labels that hold relevant keywords and ads together.

These specific groups will allow people searching for your keywords to see ads that contain the exact keywords and information that they are searching for.

Landing Page Optimization is necessary in order to receive a great quality score and conversion rate. A landing pages that is not optimized is less likely to gain great web traffic.

Pages like this don't properly utilize keywords and lead visitors to unintended destinations. This will result in a lack of conversions.

Creating pages that are relevant to your campaign and display your keywords nicely stand a better chance of converting! Split-testing your landing pages is an effective tool in deciding which of your pages performs best.

How to Increase Web Traffic

Many tactics can be taken to drive more traffic to your website. One popular way to achieve this is include utilizing hashtags on social media postings.

Believe it or not, hashtags are becoming increasingly more important as users get more particular about they content they are searching for. Using popular hashtags that pertain to your industry and products will create a website with the visibility and web traffic that you need.

Other ways to accomplish your end goal would be to implement informative blog content on your page as well as utilizing email marketing. The idea is to keep it fresh and make use of all of your available resources. We will act strategically to bring you the results you need.

Our first-rate team of industry professionals will perform the necessary keyword research and testing required to generate organic traffic to your page. From back-linking to landing page testing, we've got everything under control.

We understand that this process can be grueling to the average business owner. But don't worry, we're here to simplify things! Each and every one of our professionals comes equipped with the skill and techniques necessary to take your website to the next level.

Our web designers will analyze every aspect of your website to ensure that it receives the organic traffic that it deserves.

Web Traffic Analysis

Taking a look at your methods and procedures is important in determining the volume of traffic your site receives. Performing the proper analytics will help to inform you of what's working and what isn't.

Using a series of tracking protocols, our industry professionals will take a look at your current website activity in order to improve or maintain its results. We'll keep you informed of what pages perform best as well as inspect your site for organic clicks, bounce rate, total visitors, and other factors.

Our experts will take a look at components such as social metrics, web optimization, and user behavior. Once we've gathered all of the necessary results, we will compose an action plan and take it from there.

With our top of the line methodologies, we'll get traffic flowing to your site in little to no time.

All it takes is the Dopweb touch!

Monitoring Web Traffic

Monitoring how visitors are using your site is an important factor to take into consideration when implementing changes to your site. We'll also monitor when visitors fail to complete the intended goal.

This data will help us to identify why the visitors failed to complete the goals and what needs to be re-addressed on your site. Once we've determined how your website is performing, our Los Angeles digital marketing agency will propose a plan along with a suitable time frame to achieve them.

With the data we collect, we'll put together a strategy for growth and success. Ensuring all factors are properly taken care of, we'll continue to monitor and maintain your website's traffic.

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