Building an E-Commerce Website : A Step-by-Step Guide for Your Business

posted by dopweb December 4, 2020

There are many facets to starting a successful e-commerce website, from branding to setting up an online store. While you may be an expert at running a business, building a website may not be in your repertoire.

Do you have a product to sell online but are not sure what to do next? dopweb is here to help!

We have created this step-by-step guide to assist you in building your e-commerce website with the dopweb builder, the best website builder for SEO optimization!

With dopweb's Shopify plugin not only will you have an efficient e-commerce website, but also one that ranks high on search engines!

The steps we will be discussing in this article include:

Create a Branding Strategy

The first step to starting a successful e-commerce website is to create a branding strategy that allows your brand to stand out in an oversaturated market.

There are many facets to creating a brand, from developing a brand personality to establishing a target market.

A brand personality helps establish a consistent tone for communication, including how the business interacts with its customers and the messages portrayed through marketing.

However, the most important aspect of branding is maintaining a consistent message, communication style, and aesthetic.

The most comprehensive way to do this is by putting together a brand book.

A brand book serves as a brand style guide and organizes everything from fonts and logos to outlining the target audience and brand personality.

A successful, visually appealing e-commerce website relies on defining clear visual aesthetics for the brand. For example, create an original, eye-catching logo.

Another important aspect of branding your website is to choose your color palette and typography. These choices will help maintain a consistent look on your website, making it look professional and visually appealing.

If you are new to brand identity development dopweb will be able to assist you. Brand guidelines are required for website development, therefore we often create them for our clients that hire our expert services .

Build Your Website

E-commerce is dominating the business world. If you are selling a product or service, there is no better way to do it than online!

Shopify is one of the strongest e-commerce platforms, however, it does not prioritize SEO. This means that you can have a fully functioning website that allows you to sell your product and process orders. However, it may not rank high on Google.

But have no fear! Here at dopweb, we are experts at search engine optimization (SEO), and using our platform, an SEO website builder, you will become one too. It is important to us for your online store to gain traction and visibility, so we integrated our strength in SEO with Shopify’s strong e-commerce features.

Before describing the important e-commerce features that you will need, you should learn about several elements that go into creating an SEO optimized website:

First, your website must contain Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) , which means that your website increases its functionality on mobile devices.

This means pages that load quickly on mobile devices, providing an overall better user experience, decreased bounce rate, and improved SEO.

Second, your website should contain relevant written content.

For example, create a blog that provides customers with information about your industry. By increasing your website’s concentration of keywords, your website will match up with a greater amount of search inquiries, in turn driving more traffic to the website.

Third, you will need a number of SEO tools to rank on the first page of search engines, like Google.

On the dopweb’s SEO website builder, you will be able to implement all three elements mentioned above with ease. It’s integrated AI system will run audits that will help you make the necessary changes on your website.

Once you create your SEO-optimized website, you will be ready to integrate with one of the best platforms for e-commerce logistics, Shopify.

Figure Out Your Logistics

Logistics, in the realm of e-commerce, is the process of shipping, storing, and keeping inventory of your product.

dopweb's Shopify plugin, Shopify Lite , will fully take care of all your logistics needs.

When considering logistics, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

First and foremost, it is important to have the right amount of inventory. This can be calculated through data of previous orders or seasonal trends.

Additionally, your business will need a seamless shipping and returns system, so that customers get their orders on time and so that returns and refunds are processed correctly.

As your business grows, logistics become increasingly more complicated. However, Shopify has integrated a logistics system that allows you to track and manage order, inventory, and shipments.

The Shopify Fulfillment Network is a full-service network that helps you carry out the processing and delivery of your products, as well as manages the logistics data for your businesses.

Now that dopweb is integrated with Shopify, you can run an e-commerce business with built-in logistics and built-in SEO!

Set up Plugins and Apps for Your E-Commerce Site

Both dopweb and Shopify also offer plugins that help with marketing efforts and assist in increasing the number of sales and conversions.

For example, on dopweb, you can collect a subscriber list by adding a pop-up on your web pages; Meanwhile, Shopify offers many more plugins available for purchase that help collect a subscriber’s list for your website with more complex personalization features, so that you can create more targeted email marketing campaigns.

You can install a plugin on your e-commerce website that reminds customers that they left something in their cart without purchasing. Plugins like this one will help increase conversions.

Another crucial part of running a successful e-commerce website is maintaining a positive relationship with customers and having responsive customer service. Shopify offers apps like Gorgias that help manage customer relations, by integrating all requests in one platform and helping automate responses to common inquiries.

You can browse the apps Shopify offers here .

Create Social Media Accounts and Start Growing Your Audience

Once your website is up and running, it is time to promote it!

First, you need to start taking advantage of the SEO website builder. Go through SEO-on-Page for each page that you built on dopweb website builder .

Second, create social media accounts! Advertising on social media is one of the most lucrative ways to market your business and connect directly with your customers.

As of 2019, 79% of the United States population uses social media ! All of these users become potential customers and serve as an audience that can be easily stratified for targeted marketing.

With the number of social media platforms available, each providing you access to millions of users in demographically diverse markets globally, the marketing possibilities are endless.

Most social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, provide their ads manager that allows you to run highly customized, data-driven advertising campaigns from your laptop.

You may choose not to peruse a social media advertising campaign, but having a social media presence is essential for the visibility and credibility of your online store.

The traffic that you will drive with your SEO efforts will need a validation of your legitimacy through the social media accounts.

If you need any assistance with developing an online advertising strategy contact us at dopweb !


Building an e-commerce website will take your business to the next level and allow you to exponentially grow your business.

Although it may seem complicated, there are many intuitive ways to start your e-commerce website, such as using a website builder like dopweb.

If you are looking to jumpstart your e-commerce business, or integrate your existing business online, get a free consultation with the web development experts at dopweb today!

Don't have time to build the website? Let us do it for you.

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