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Our designers will use their ample experience with CMS-driven application to construct a high-quality website that provides a wonderful user experience.

In this article, you will learn more about CMS website design and the benefits it can bring to your business. Let’s get started with these essential points:

CMS Web Design Los Angeles: Our Process

The designs we create are content-driven with the focus on achieving great user experience.

As we design the user interface of a CMS application, we keep in mind that content is what drives the design, not the other way around.

This is a major step up from the way websites were made in the past, when they were static, and not built to grow seamlessly.

As user experience became more important on the Internet, we have begun to perceive websites as live systems that need to be designed and optimized frequently.

Essentially, every major web design agency uses these practices in their web design for the purposes of providing their users with good UI/UX.

Our designers understand how the applications within the CMS are structured and how to effectively use a first-rate content-marketing strategy within their design process.

The Website Features of CMS Web Design

Designers should have an understanding of what constitutes typical information architecture in a CMS-driven application.

This is particularly true when designing from the ground up and for concentrating on improving the user experience.

The most integral aspect of these applications is the types of pages that are stored within them, including posts that function as the core components.

There is no general rule to the number of posts that CMS management services can incorporate.

1. CMS Web Design - Posts

If you are confused about the difference between a page and post within CMS-driven applications, it starts with the publishing/updating date that shows up on a post but not on a page.

Unlike a page, a post is not limited by categorizations so if you want to write an informational piece about your product or services then you should definitely use a post.

For instance, the content that you are reading in this short article was made through the creation of a post.

That does not mean you can not create or edit content on a page, but they do come with their own set of limitations.

2. CMS Web Design - Pages

As mentioned earlier in this text, the first limitation of the CMS page is that they can not be published or updated with a date.

Hence, they are routinely used as a fixed page with content lasting for the long-term without any need for frequent web optimizations.

Pages such as the Contact, About, or even your blog pages are examples of these static pages you want to publish for your readers.

So static pages are essential CMS components that will provide your website with the kind of evergreen content that will last throughout the year for new or returning users.

3. Front Pages

A front page is also known as the homepage of your website. It is probably the most important page since it is used as the formal point of entry to your overall site.

It becomes more necessary as you increase the number of pages on your website; the homepage helps to highlight what is important throughout all of your content.

This page also typically displays condensed versions of all your posts on one screen in order to not reveal too many details at the opening of your website.

4. Search Pages

These are dedicated landing pages we create that are specifically designed to respond to the search queries of users online.

While it is not essential for smaller applications, it is always helpful and can be integrated with categorization pages.

The main component of the search page is to provide listings to respond to any keyword query, and they can be triggered by advertisements or "sponsored search" results.

These pages are shown on search engines with a title, a destination link that directs the user into the landing page, and a short meta description that shows where the keywords the user searched for have matched with the content within the page.

Why Choose Dopweb for your Web Development?

So if you need any CMS Web Design services then call on our team to provide you with first-rate results-driven applications.

We have also innovated a new website builder that comes with a sophisticated content management system so you can create a website unlike any other.

AMP technology is also built in. This technology works in conjunction with the CMS tool accompanied within our website builder.

So whether you are in Los Angeles or any other area, please know that you are in good hands with a team engineered for providing great CMS & web design services.

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