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Influencer marketing has become an important element of any social media marketing strategy nowadays. Let’s review together some key points about influencer marketing:

Influencer Marketing Defined

An influencer does not have to be a high powered celebrity. They are simply individuals with large online followings, they can be YouTube celebrities, Instagram models, etc.

The goal of influencer marketing is for brands to form relationships with influencers that can help promote their products.

Within any industry, you can find influencers with a great image and a great following. However, you must approach them with a well-prepared marketing strategy.

Not only will this marketing strategy increase the brand's awareness, but it will also increase the popularity of the influencer, this makes the partnership a win-win situation.

What's the SEO Guide to Web Searching?

Let's talk about two little words, search queries. This is what internet users are constantly searching for in their browsers. From food to medical solutions, to new products, they are searching for it all.

A skilled and knowledgeable SEO specialist will research the top search queries on the net and use these facts to help optimize your business. Would you have thought of that on your own? Probably not.

That's why professionals with years of education and experience are put in place to help you make the most of your growing business.

In a world where SEO tactics are taking over, you wouldn't want your business to fall behind the curve.

Influencer Marketing: It's Not Going Anywhere

Are you skeptical about whether or not you should team up with an influencer to promote your brand? Well, we'll simplify things for you.

The influence of online figures is here to stay, especially as social media websites continue to dominate the internet.

As long as Youtube videos and other viral sites where influencers can be seen, you'll always have access to influencers.

According to eMarketer, In 2016, 84% of professionals expected to launch at least one influencer campaign within the period of 12 months and 60% of marketers increased their marketing budgets.

With that being said, you'd be remiss not to seek the opportunity to align yourself with the right online presence.

The proper online presence could mean everything for both up and coming and established brands.

For instance, Dan Middleton is a high-paid gaming sensation on youtube. He brings in $16.5 Million dollars a year. If you were advertising a new video game and aligned yourself with him, you'd stand to gain tremendous success.

Approach to Influencer Marketing

When looking for the endorsement of an influencer, it's necessary that your well-trained professional is fully prepared with their approach. Below, is a step by step guide of how to approach an influencer from start to finish.

- Be Organized
- Develop a Strategy
- Budget
- Research
- Be Patient
- Proper Scheduling

Influencer Marketing: What It Isn't

Influencer marketing isn't just about paying an online star to endorse your product. Influencers need more than that.

Influencers are regular people that take pride in cultivating their image and standing for the right things. These people care about their online reputation management.

Unlike big screen celebrities, influencers spent much time developing an online presence all on their own. Their brand means everything to them.

If your influencer marketing professional is going to try and convince an influencer to work with your company, they are going to have to show them that it's a product that they can feel comfortable attaching their name to.

It's not as easy as you might think to join forces with an influencer. The ultimate goal has to be to gain the trust and respect of your potential influencer.

Influencer Marketing: It's Not Just About You

Many brands are finding that they are facing major issues with gaining the trust of consumers. That comes as no surprise to us. Why you may ask? Let's take a look at the facts.

According to Nielson, 92% of consumers trust information from everyday individuals over the word of brand names.

Studies show that millennials are less and less impressed with large corporations. That's partly because they are tired of brands only trying to sell them something. Instead, they would prefer a more human approach.

Consumers are interested in purchasing goods and products from companies that have their best interests in mind.

Though this generation is young, they are not easily mislead.

That means, if a company is only focused on pushing their own agenda, the public can tell and they won't respond well to that. It takes empathy and compassion for your customers in order to win their hearts for good.

Influencer Marketing: What Not to Do

When seeking the services of an influencer, there a few things that your experienced professional should keep in mind. First of all, a "cookie-cutter" approach will not work for everyone.

Because each influencer has their own point of view and their own following, the approach must be tailored to suit their needs.

In addition to this, simply assuming that the popularity of the influencer will create great results for you is a mistake.

It has to be your expert's goal to get customers in the mood to want to purchase your services or product. The amount of followers means nothing if no one is buying what you're selling.

Instead of thinking about the amount of followers a potential influencer has, your talented and experienced marketing guru should consider the influencer's values.

In the long run, it's key to link up with influencers who have the same beliefs and values as your company. The last thing you want is to vet an influencer that doesn't share your philosophies.

Making the right choices in who to team up with is what will solidify your relationship with the influencer and even help you to gain more followers.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Now that you know what to do and not to do in regards to seeking out an influencer to market your brand, let's take a look at how our team can go about putting together the perfect influencer marketing strategy for your needs. The detailed approach to a great marketing strategy is as follows:

- Goals - Ensure that your goals are clear and well thought out before you begin to approach potential influencers. No one respects a company who appears unprepared and flustered.

- Be Creative - When presenting your idea, try to come up with a unique point of view. Influencers are constantly being pitched new marketing opportunities so you'll need to make sure that your ideas stand out from the crowd.

- Create a Memorable Experience - It's wise to give your influencer something exciting to talk about when approaching their followers. Tying your brand to a funny or heart-string tugging experience will create more brand engagement. As a result people will clamor to support what you have to offer.

- Be Visual - Think about it, your influencer has a major online following. It is to your benefit to give them something flashy and exciting to promote on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This is your chance to have the whole world seeing your company's logo and liking your brand images.

- Prioritize Niche Topics - Avoid any other topics that have nothing to do with your brand or branding strategy. When your influencer agrees to join your team, then you can discuss the potential for introducing new topics.

- Create a Sharable Message - When working with your influencer, it's important to create a message that their fan base will want to share. That is how you gain the exposure that you need.

With all of these factors in place, our experienced professionals will be sure to create an airtight strategy that will impress any potential influencer. Place your trust in the the dopweb team we are here for you!

Influencer Marketing: Benefits

If you successfully manage to form a relationship with an influencer, there are many benefits that you stand to gain:

- Increase in Followers - By interacting in a natural and positive way on influencer pages, you'll brand will gain the exposure it needs and you'll earn new followers as a result.

- Credibility - If an influencer chooses to hop on board your team, you can rest assured knowing that they know about you and your brand and they feel comfortable promoting your products or services.

- Conversions - As we mentioned earlier in the text, a conversion can happen anywhere at anytime.

Customers can easily log on to your business' website after watching a video or viewing an Instagram post from your influencer.

That is why much emphasis should be placed on great content marketing and images. The next thing you know a curious viewer will become a loyal customer. All it takes is one click!

Influencer Marketing: Summarized

We understand your hesitation to approach someone that may seem unattainable to promote your business. This would be scary for anyone.

However, it can be done. With the right strategy put in place and the right team of industry professionals on your side, you can't go wrong.

Our industry insiders have a long track record of success. We understand the process of building relationships and putting together eye-catching proposals.

So, you can trust us when we say that we'll build a website great influencer marketing strategy for your company.

We will research your brand's key concepts in order to align with the influencer that will be the perfect representation of your products.

We'll even create a memorable experience that followers will fall in love with an have no problem sharing across various social media pages.

A task such as this isn't easy, especially for someone that is brand new in the industry. That is why we are here to help make things run a lot smoother. You can put your trust in us knowing that we'll handle everything using proven and trusted techniques.

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