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In a visual world, you can't afford not to have video marketing in your SEO strategy. If you need to create a website with then use our website builder that will include a built in SEO package service and responsive video design.

Video marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy for today’s marketers. In this article, we will review everything you should about video marketing to get started:

Video Marketing SEO Explained

In today's technological atmosphere, videos play a major role in a business' marketing strategy.

Studies show that companies that choose to implement video into their marketing strategy generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and greater brand awareness.

In order to make the most of your video marketing efforts, they've got to be more than just entertaining, they must optimized for SEO purposes.

Video Marketing SEO: Getting Your Video Seen

When it comes to video content, there are many ways in which it can be seen by potential customers throughout the web.

For instance, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms to post business videos.

With the right web optimization tactics, we're sure that your videos will climb to the top in no time.

The following steps will outline the approach our professionals will take to ensure that your video marketing is optimized for SEO purposes.

Video Marketing SEO: Ranking

If you're wondering how Google ranks videos, you're not alone. The process is the same for video marketing as it is for content marketing.

The video must contain engaging and entertaining content and contain credible backlinks. More information on how Google ranks videos is as follows.

Video Marketing Transcription

It's to your benefit to include a transcript of your video on your website and social media pages.

This will also help improve your ranking on Google search pages. In addition to improving your ranking, it will also cater to different types of users.

Some may love a well-made video, while others prefer to read an informative text. Studies show that 85% of business professionals prefer reading than watching video.

Transcriptions can be done one of two ways.

First, you can create a word for word text that users can read along with the video.

Your next option is to create a document highlighting only the key components of the video.

It's best to use the technique that your audience prefers most. A/B testing will help a great deal in determining which method works best.

Video Marketing Metadata

When users search for your videos, your video's titles and metadata will be provided.

Even though Google can still provide information if it's not provided, you'll earn more organic traffic and rank results if your video metadata is optimized.

Your videos should be engaging and encourage clicks, titles should be 55 characters or less, and meta descriptions should be 155 characters or less.

Video Marketing SEO & Schema Markup

Schema Markup allows videos to stand out among their competitors. Your video will appear in search results the same way that general information does, a thumbnail (or small clip) will be included as well.

Instead of choosing a pre-selected thumbnail produced by most video processing companies, you can create a personalized thumbnail that will engage your users and draw attention to your specific products.

In addition, Schema Markup must be added for files, titles, descriptions, and embed content for each video.

Video Marketing SEO: The Site Map

Your chances of Google discovering your website improves exponentially with the creation of a site map.

Within a video site map, your trained and experienced professional should include video title, description, the video file, raw URL, and play file.

Among these necessary components, you can also include extras such as video duration, rating, and view count.

Video Marketing SEO: Video Marketing Keywords

By searching for a particular keyword that users utilize most often, you'll learn if your videos are optimized accordingly.

In the long run, this will save you lots of time with production. You'll be able to target words that you know will achieve results instead of taking wild stabs in the dark.

If you plug in a certain keyword, and videos with that search query pop up on the first page of Google search pages, then you'll know that that's what users are searching for most.

It's important to structure your video around the most popular keywords and try to beat out the competition with your top-quality content and web design.

Video Marketing SEO: The Top Ranking Factor

When it comes to your video's content, you can't afford to slack on even one minor detail. This content is just as important as website text content.

What do they have in common? Both types of content must keep the viewers or readers drawn in.

You'll need outstanding images, entertaining subjects, and bright colors to make it all come together.

If people tune in for a few seconds and then leave, your ranking numbers will drop big time. You'll need to ensure that your team of professional technicians build a website clear audio, high-definition effects, and the actors or influencers should be fun to watch.

A skilled and experienced team of experts such as ourselves will ensure that all of the necessary components are included in your video.

Therefore, you can count on your video becoming a huge ranking success. Here at dopweb, we care about producing only outstanding web services.

Video Marketing SEO: Summarized

Believe it or not, video marketing is here to stay. Choosing to incorporate a video into your marketing plan is a brilliant idea.

It will make your brand appear fun and relatable, especially to the younger demographic.

However, you've got to ensure that it caters to the user's wants and needs. For example, your users may need an explainer video to better understand your product or service.

Most of all, it's got to be optimized for the best results.

Without proper optimization, your traffic will come to a standstill. We understand that this could be a frightening thought for a first-time business owner.

Are you unsure of how to tackle this task? Don't worry, our professionals at dopweb have been taking care of customers since our inception and we'd like to do the same for you.

We'll include customized thumbnails, engaging content marketing, and even word for word video transcripts to cater to all of your users.

So, when it comes to the fate of your video marketing SEO strategy, don't settle for mediocre when you can work with the best. We are the team that's known for turning the web smarter.

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