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Search engine optimization or (SEO) is a tactic used by marketing professionals to attract visitors to a company's website. Providing effective SEO services is not only technical and informative, but it's also creative and entertaining.

In this essential SEO guide, you will learn everything you should know about search engine optimization for search results. We will review these key points about SEO together:

How Does SEO Benefit My Business?

The answer to this question is simple. Search engines are respected and trusted by the wide world of web users. If you create a website and want it to rank high on search engines such as Google, your site must become legitimate and trustworthy.

When it comes to owning your own company, there are a lot of factors that go into making it SEO friendly, from your products to your marketing methods.

Whether you've got a large commercial business or you're an up and comer, employing the proper SEO techniques or services is very necessary.

Luckily for our readers, we have introduced a revolutionary website builder that incorporates advanced SEO features, including a site speed enhancing application called AMP.

As great as your sales and marketing tactics may be, not everyone is a skilled writer or website optimizer.

Even if you are, most business owners are not well-versed in writing and building sites for the purpose of attracting new customers.

SEO content involves more than just a few catchy tag lines, you've got to include relevant as well as creative and informative content marketing.

That content should also be placed in the top half of your website, as readers tend to have short attention spans. Therefore, getting to the important stuff early is key.

If the important stuff isn't in the first half of your website, readers may lose interest and exit your site. That is the very thing we are trying to prevent, so you must conduct the necessary website optimization.

What's the SEO Guide to Web Searching?

Let's talk about two little words, search queries. This is what internet users are constantly searching for in their browsers. From food to medical solutions, to new products, they are searching for it all.

An agency which provides great search engine optimization services will research the top search queries on the net and use these facts to help optimize your business. Would you have thought of that on your own? Probably not.

That's why professionals with years of education and experience in digital marketing are put in place to help you make the most of your growing business.

In a world where SEO services are taking over, you wouldn't want your business to fall behind the curve.

Where Am I?

Before your new and improved SEO site can go anywhere, you first have to know your starting point.

There are many web analytic tools in place that allow you to check your online presence. With certain programs, you can keep track of your online SEO rankings.

Documenting your SEO results on a spreadsheet will help you see where you are and where you're going. The chances are you're not getting much traffic without the assistance of a reputable SEO service company.

But, we're here to help you turn things around. Once you get the ball rolling, you can happily watch your SEO rankings climb higher than ever before.

Where Do I Start?

One of the most important aspects of developing a search worthy SEO website is its structure.

No, we're not just talking about the spiffy logo design in the corner of the page or the catchy slogan. We're talking about SEO headings, visuals, and blocks of text.

It's also important to consider SEO speed and aesthetically pleasing text blocks. The last thing you want is for your SEO page to contain long paragraphs that will strain the reader's eyes or a website that takes forever to view.

When a visitor clicks on your web link, it should be a quick and painless experience. According to a myriad of SEO studies, new visitors spend 50 ms viewing a new website. So if you run an eCommerce store then that means you've only got 50ms to sell your product to prospective customers. The pressure is definitely on!

If your link pops up in search pages and it takes too long to load, potential customers will most-likely leave. In the world of SEO, that's no bueno!

Each time a visitor leaves your website, it's known in the online community as "bouncing,"� and no we're not speaking of the 90s dance craze!

This term refers to leaving a website before taking the time to explore other pages. When searchers do this, your business takes a serious hit in rankings.

The higher the bounce rate your site accumulates, the worse your SEO ranking will be.

With that being said, it would benefit most business owners to invest in Accelerated Mobile Pages. With this technology, pages load faster and wait times become a thing of the past!

That's an SEO optimizer's dream!

How Do I Make My Site SEO Friendly?

When your business' SEO page opens, readers should see properly formatted and easy to read information about services and/or products.

It should also include eye-catching images and even amazing video animation and tutorials. A great SEO specialist will ensure that no stone is left unturned.

So, your SEO page loads like speed racer; that's great! But, that's not all that's required. To ensure that your page has the proper web optimization, using the correct SEO formula, you'll need to attract your readers in. Full text with no breaks can get boring.

Incorporating SEO tools like bullet points is a beneficial SEO tactic that is not only informative but also helpful to the reader.

Another way to structure your text is to use heading tags for SEO. Header tags and especially the H1 tag make it easier for web crawlers and users to understand the content on your page. Search engine crawlers then use this information to send in more who are researching the topics that you cover.

Every page of your website should include a relevant, engaging and interesting H1 tag. The H1 header explicitly tells the search engine crawlers and users what your page content is about. It can encourage users to read the content on your page, and it helps search engine crawlers to reference it better.

How Do I Gain SEO Traffic?

Direct traffic to your website is just as important as general traffic. You don't want people to simply find your site through searches, visit it once, then leave.

You're going to want people to know your name. You want people to type your website's address into their browser every time they need something that you've got to offer.

What you'll need in order to achieve this is a great SEO marketing strategy. This isn't simply some plan to stuff keywords down the throats of internet searchers and hope for the best.

Your experienced SEO expert's goal is to first understand your target audience. They should then cater the website and related content to what your particular customers are searching for.

Though this can be quite challenging, amazing results, such as an increase in your business lead generation, will arise if executed properly.

Achieving first page rankings is how a business generates SEO leads. As a result, organic (or unpaid) traffic follows.

With a help of an educated and reputable SEO specialist, your page will be well on its way to success.

They will implement great web optimization service so that it's firing on all cylinders and incoming traffic is free to flow.

Contrary to popular belief, the number one spot is not the most important aspect of your business's popularity.

Though everyone would love to be there, all that matters is that you are within the top five positions on the first page.

A knowledgeable and respected SEO professional will take you there with ease and attention to minor details!

Is It Time to Bite the Bullet?

Incorporating Bullet points into your site will allow the reader to easily move from a question to a list of answers, or from topic to subtopic.

Allowing users to click wherever they'd like to on your landing page design in order to find the information they seek is a great way to make your site the SEO industry's top-dog!

Site users would much rather scroll over neat little bullet points rather than long and drawn out text boxes of information.

It's of great importance to take your audience into consideration in the web design service on your website's pages. This is something that an SEO expert does best!

It's also worth mentioning that your bullet points should contain links to different SEO pages on your website.

This will get readers to stay longer, and you know what that means! That's right, your rankings will continue to soar through the roof!

Though bullet points are praised in the world of SEO, it's important to note that they can be overused. Too many bullet points on a page may lessen the impact that your content makes on the reader.

The Role of a SEO Professional

Knowing how to use these little dots are key to proper SEO style and formatting. A skilled SEO marketing expert knows how to draw this line. With them on your side, you won't have to worry about a thing.

When trying to appeal to readers, you want them to fully absorb all of your products and what you've got to offer.

A diluted website without a responsive web design, won't help to achieve that goal. Therefore, we urge you to be careful and mindful.

A skilled SEO professional will help build your website flawlessly. With these factors in mind, They will follow a well-planned SEO building structure as well as ensure that the proper components are in place.

But don't worry, they will collaborate with you throughout the entire process so you can understand just what methods are taking place.

After all, an SEO professional only wants the best for your website in the long run. Great SEO services are sure to take your business to the next level.

My Site Looks Great, Now What?

After building an outstanding SEO web template, an experienced SEO specialist will supply your page with content that is both fun and informative.

Their task will be to compose unique and never duplicated content related to your specific services.

Before jumping into buying a CMS management services to write your content, it's important to know what readers want.

Performing a search on the most popular questions related to your industry's topic will help your professional SEO services to formulate the perfect content strategy for your website or blog writing post.

The goal is to answer reader's questions in a concise and informative way in order to prevent them from bouncing.

This task may seem simple, but trust us, it's not!

An SEO specialist will be sure to include all of the important information regarding your company within the text without making it sound lackluster or robotic.

A website can look gorgeous on the outside, complete with radiant colors, wonderful pictures, and high-quality explainer videos, however, it is nothing without compelling content on the inside to keep readers coming back for more.

What Are the Components of Compelling Content?

Aside from the SEO website structure, the content on your page is paramount to achieving your highest possible rankings.

A business owner may be able to explain to friends and family why their business is the best but that does not mean they know how to effectively communicate that message to potential customers.

And, it certainly doesn't mean that they are able to create a website with appropriate content.

An experienced SEO specialist will go above and beyond to compose content that will grab the reader's attention from the start. It all starts with a little research, keyword research to be exact.

What is a keyword, you may ask? This term refers to the most relevant words that pertain to your services.

When creating any great content, researching the most popular keywords is extremely important.

An SEO expert would typically research these before beginning the writing process in order to utilize the word throughout the text.

Planning ahead allows the professional, such as a web design agency to properly design an approach to their client's site rather than "keyword stuffing," which we'll speak more in-depth about later.

What's SEO Approved Content?

Once your SEO expert has determined all of the most popular keywords pertaining to your services, they should appear in the title and be sprinkled throughout the text. This allows search such as Google to match a specific word to your website.

Following the proper SEO format when setting up your site is pivotal. Your heading (or H1) is going to be what grabs your readers attention.

From the heading alone, readers determine whether they want to give your blog post or article a read or not.

If the title isn't enough to rope your clients in, then you're going to be looking at bounce city, USA.

The following paragraphs (or H2 through etc...) should provide beneficial information about your website's content and services. After all, that is what readers care about most.

When visitors browse your site, they want to find instant answers to their most burning questions.

Do you provide the product they are looking for? Does A lead to B? Instant gratification is equivalent with a good user experience, that's why it's imperative to speak their language.

Lastly, your SEO posting should have a complete call to action, something that says, "buy what we're selling," or "come and try our services."

Even though this message will be prevalent throughout the entire SEO page, it's very important to send readers away with an intentional message.

Also, a call to action will provide your SEO specialist with one more opportunity to make mention of your keywords.

Again, they should not feel forced, but a natural part of conversation.

When closing, don't forget to include all the necessary contact information, including address and phone number! Satisfied customers are going to want to contact you for more!

What's the Deal with Keywords?

By now, you probably understand the importance of keywords, their relation to SEO, and the impact they have on websites and your branding services.

However, it's not just the word you choose but the intent behind them. Don't worry, we'll break it down for you!.

When composing keywords for your SEO site, you must ensure that you take the visitors inquiries into consideration.

This is why major search engines like Google won't let you get away with keyword stuffing, you need great intent in order to back up your usage.

You must also consider the content you are trying to promote and be extremely specific. When it comes to understanding keyword intent there are four types that stand out from the SEO crowd.

Navigational- navigational keywords come into play when one is trying to find a certain site in particular.

Informational- informational is important when one is searching for the answer to a question.

Investigational- these are pre-purchase searches that visitors perform in order to determine whether or not to buy a product.

Transactional- lastly, transactional keywords become necessary when a potential customer actually wants to make a purchase.

An SEO specialist will also think of keywords in terms of short, medium, and long tail keywords. Each one serves a purpose and varies in search volume.

Short Tail- composed of one or two words. These garner high search traffic

Medium Tail- composed of two or three phrases with a medium amount of search traffic.

Long Tail- composed of more than four words. Though they have the lowest search volume most online traffic comes from long tail keywords.

How Do I Make the Most of My Keywords?

Once an extensive search of keywords for your particular industry has been performed, you can begin the process of folding them into your website? How do you do that, you may ask?

Well, a talented SEO specialist will create landing pages on your site that cater to one specific keyword.

You may have five or more, the number is hardly important as long as you follow the SEO rule of quality over quantity.

What matters is that each keyword you've chosen is properly optimized. It's the expert's job to create colorful and entertaining content marketing service around the chosen words.

Another useful technique is to include a particular keyword in the title of each page. This brings direct attention to the content and services that you provide, better serving the consumer in the long run.

The text should not feel forced or robotic, but it should roll off the tongue naturally.

Including your prime words into your URL is also a great SEO approach. This will help lead people in the right direction when it comes to navigating your site and what it's all about.

Not only will customers appreciate it, but so will search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Do I Need Pictures?

The easy answer to this question is yes! With the majority of website viewers being visual audiences, pictures are eye-candy.

When potential buyers or readers visit your page, the first thing they notice is the background and any images you may have.

Pictures are also perfect places for including the chosen keyword one more time within your site.

Your SEO expert could fold a keyword into the description of the image. There's plenty of opportunities to optimize the file name of the image, the text, and even the caption of the photograph. Don't miss out on a prime chance to continue promoting your product.

What Should I Remember About Great Content?

Great content is more than just words. In fact, we'll let you in on a little secret. Most website viewers won't read all of your content. In this fast-paced world, people simply don't have the time or motivation.

Instead, they'd like to get right to the point! Bring on the stand-out information. In addition to important info, everything on your website must serve a unique purpose and function properly. A great and responsive website needs a great technical foundation.

Those load times are so important, that point can't be stressed enough!

Your content should also be easy to view on a smartphone, or mobile app. Let's face it, that's where we do most of our browsing these days!

Any internal links on your page should all come back to your own content. It's imperative to ensure that there are no malfunctions or error messages.

Keywords are imperative. Try including them in your H1 and H2s.

The simpler the better.

How Will Link Building Boost My Ranking?

Links are needed for every website looking to reach the top of SERPs. There are three types of links that are responsible for taking your page to the top. The first of three is inbound links, these come to your site from other sites.

Next, you've got outbound links. Links of this nature come from your web page and link to outside web pages. Lastly, Internal links are placed within your own site to navigate to your own content without a hitch.

A great way to build professional relationships as well as boost your popularity is link building. This occurs when you link (or hyperlink) popular and more trusted websites to your page. This SEO trend is also known as, "backlinking." With this method in place, a great website builder can give your site the trust of its visitors as well as establishing its relevance in the industry.

The inclusion of these links allows potential customers to click from one page to another. This benefit works in two ways, the customer learns about your company and feels more at ease with being linked to a company of an authoritative presence.

Having backlinks to your site also helps with your site's indexing. If your site generates a lot of traffic through backlinking, your web platform will be easily crawled by popular search engines, causing it to rise up in rankings.

When a myriad of sites link to the same one, search engines consider this a site worth trusting; therefore it makes for a great online presence and online reputation management.

Consider the fact that you wouldn't link to a website that you didn't trust, the same way you wouldn't refer someone to an establishment with terrible service.

Can I Earn Backlinks?

Obtaining backlinks is important in the world of SEO marketing. This process is generally referred to as link earning. Some links are highly sought-after while others, not so much!

The more you link to trustworthy websites, the more online visitors come to trust you. When customers trust you, your ranking rises higher and higher!

For example, it would be a small business owner's dream to be linked to a well-known website. In return, the small business owner would gain positive ratings by linking with a site that has a respected reputation.

On the flip side, there are spammy links that search engines find untrustworthy. If websites don't trust the integrity of your page, they may put you on the do not follow list.

However, it's beneficial to be mentioned on any website, as it could give your company a boost in the right direction.

Nevertheless, when it comes to backlinking the quality of each link is more important than the number of links. It's what separates respectable establishments from non-respectable establishments.

Paying for links instead of building them organically isn't going to impress top search engines.

At the end of the day, it's the nice guys that finish last. If your marketing strategy involves promoting top-quality products with credible and trustworthy information, other sites will be glad to link their site with yours organically.

How Do I Earn Backlinks Organically?

If your site offers any type of blog or information, writing articles is a great way to attract website traffic. Other websites that are interested in your information will gladly link to your site if your articles are top-notch.

Great examples of link-worthy articles are top-ten lists and tutorials. One point to consider, articles such as these should be thoroughly researched and backed up with thorough research and reliable examples.

Unfortunately, most search engines suppress many organic links in favor of ads and widgets. However, 10 organic links are still displayed on each page as well.

So, don't think that your hard work will go in vain because, with the right team on your side, your business will surely make its way to the top of your favorite search pages.

How Will Search Queries Affect My Business?

When dealing with the sophisticated process of SEO, search queries are important. However, not every query will achieve the same result.

Popular search engines work hard to fine tune the exact results that individuals are seeking.

So, the more unique or ambiguous your content writers are, the harder it will be for your website to move to the top of the search page.

Some of the toughest contenders are those in the medical and health fields. Sites like WebMD and the like, often take the number one spot.

But, there is hope! A good SEO service agency that thoroughly researches the trends in search queries and popular keywords, you'll be sure to climb your way to the first page as well.

Is Voice Search a Thing?

Current research suggests that 55% of teens and 41% of adult Americans utilize voice search features.

Therefore, this is not something that the smart business owner should take lightly. To begin with, ensure that your SEO specialist uses language that is natural to the everyday searcher.

Don't forget to include FAQ (or Frequently Asked Question) pages on your website. This will help to hone in on the answers that visitors seek as well as increase your website's overall ranking on SERPs.

Though voice search seo is not the most important element of SEO, it should not be neglected. With every advancement in the way we search and navigate through information, the smart business owner must always be ready for the unexpected and be flexible to change.

How Is SEO Utilized on Devices Other Than Computers?

As we delve deeper into evolved forms of technology, more and more web surfers are using cell phones and tablets with artificial intelligence as their primary search device.

With that being said, it's necessary to ensure that your website is accessible across all platforms. Your page should be available on the go just like your favorite fast food.

At this point, we may sound like a broken record, but times have changed so it's time to change with them.

What Is Rank Brain?

Rank Brain is a tool that is used to measure user experience. It's one of Google's many algorithms to track search rankings. Rank Brain measures three major components.

Clickthrough rate - This tells Google how many visitors have clicked on to your site.

Bounce rate - as self-explanatory as it sounds, the bounce rate informs Google how many leave your site after only visiting for a short time.

Dwell time - this allows Google to determine how many people linger on your site for an extended period of time after clicking onto it.

What's the Best SEO Tactic?

There is no one size fits all approach to SEO. In truth, all of the necessary work may be irrelevant due to changing algorithms and consumer needs. So, what does one do? The best advice we can give you is to combine the techniques that we've discussed so far.

Some work and some may prove ineffective. However, experimenting with an array of techniques will allow you to determine which techniques work best for your business, or corporate brand.

A qualified specialist can help to fine-tune some of these approaches.

This way, you won't end up with a dry and stale strategy. When it comes to SEO, you must learn to embrace the changes.

Though the process may seem daunting and frustrating, the good news is you don't have to do it alone. Your SEO specialist will take great care of your needs.

What Are the Challenges of SEO?

With changes in SEO always on the rise, it comes as no surprise that there are some challenges in the field. These are just a few in the wide world of SEO Obstacles.

- Less organic views on search pages.

- Lack of originality in web results.

- The evolution of clickless searching

These obstacles do not have to spell the end of your business. It just means that you've got to learn to roll with the punches.

Though people are not likely to click as much as they used to, search numbers continue to grow. In this time of advancement and change, such as the growth of artificial intelligence, you too must branch out!

What Should I Avoid?

In the wide world of SEO marketing, there are a plethora of ways to get your company's site to rise to the top of Google's search engine heap, some are good, and some are flat-out unethical!

The following examples are apart of a technique known as, "Black Hat SEO." It's imperative that you never adopt this style of SEO because you can get into a lot of trouble.

One trick that not so honest SEO content experts use is duplicate content.

Simply put, some business' will plagiarize content from other websites and place it on their own.

They figure they can get high rankings for little to no hard work. Not only is this method wrong, but Google will recognize the issue and potentially blacklist the perpetrators.

If this happens, that business will be basically non-existent. Unethical practices may work for a short time, but they tend to catch up with you in the end!

Another method frequently used by dishonest "professionals" is a term known as, "keyword stuffing." This occurs when keywords are used one after another to the point where the text sounds like it was spat out by a computer program.

Though this method worked for many years, search engines soon got wise to those clever tactics and no longer accepts content of that nature.

Keywords should be used smoothly and properly throughout your text and advertisements (Google AdWords Services) for ease of understanding and to avoid creating the wrong impression.

What's SEO Done the Right Way?

In complete contrast to "Black Hat SEO", there's something known as "White Hat SEO." White Hat SEO is the right way to do things. This method involves the following:

- Creating content writing services that is original and unique

- Making great use of the keywords without "stuffing"

- Building relationships with potential backlinks

While some like to straddle the line between what's acceptable and what's not, it's in your best interest to work with an expert that won't resort to the use of any Black Hat techniques. This will only hurt you in the end.

Is There a Middle Ground?

Somewhere between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is a little something known as "Grey Hat SEO."

This style of marketing is tricky because it's neither good nor bad. Choosing to utilize any of these SEO methods may not be entirely ethical but produce no consequences.

However, the rule on these tactics is unclear, that is why they fall under the Gray Hat umbrella. Examples of these techniques include but are not limited to the following:

- Purchasing expired domain names
- Manipulating social media sites
- Pre-programmed content
- Link scams
- Cloaking

The issue with using Grey Hat SEO is that search engines don't like this either. If they detect that you're using a method that is gray or even potentially black, they could take action, the type of action that you wouldn't want.

Also, what you might consider gray others might consider totally black, so we recommend that you tread lightly if you plan on using this type of SEO at all!

Let's Recap

You're a new business owner looking to optimize your website in the best way possible. Well my friend, if you want fame, if you want top-rankings, you're going to have to invest in an outstanding SEO professional.

Why? Because they've got what it takes to take your business to the highest of the high.

We're talking about website organization, speed, compelling content, and strong social media marketing services; what more could you ask for?

Though the average Joe business owner may think that advertising is easy as pie and they can run their marketing campaign on their own, They are sadly mistaken.

The truth is most of them would fail.

Why would they fail? Because it takes extensive SEO knowledge and skill to address all of the key components of search engine optimization. You'll need someone to research the most trendy and relevant keywords and build a relationship with top backlinked business. Great relationships mean great trust. Great trust is just what your business needs to keep traffic to your site flowing.

A skill set like that doesn't just happen overnight and your business doesn't have time to wait! If you're trying to attract more visitors to your SEO site or even more buyers to your products, we encourage you to seek the services of an outstanding and reputable SEO team.

They won't let you down. But don't just take our word for it, contact our web agency today and watch your business go from non-existent to the first page of the most popular search engines.

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