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Here, we provide the most sought-after cybersecurity options around. If you're looking for website building services in order to create a new website, then you can take comfort in knowing that you'll have the online protection services that you need.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you should know about cybersecurity for your website. We will review the following important points:

Cybersecurity Defined

Cybersecurity offers protection from the breaching of data. Several procedures are implemented to ensure that an individual's or company's data is protected.

Specific cyber areas that are secured are the networks, servers, intranet, and computer systems. Highly trained cybersecurity professionals ensure that no element is left unattended.

Are you worried about the threat of cyber attacks on your business? Well, dopweb's cybersecurity systems will bring you the peace of mind that you need.

We offer an array of protection solutions including but not limited to application security, information security, network security, disaster recovery, and end-user education.

When you build a website, the potential attacks that you could encounter are endless. That's why dopweb offers a plethora of preventative options that you can depend on.

With our cybersecurity in place, you can trust that your confidential information and website data is kept secure.

Cybersecurity: Vulnerability vs Risk

In the world of cybersecurity, the words vulnerability and risk are often used to mean the same thing. This is a mistake.

A vulnerability occurs when an area of weakness is found within a program. The window of vulnerability is the time when the vulnerability is found to when it was addressed and removed.

A hacker could find this weakness and exploit it. Risk occurs when a vulnerability has been exploited.

There can be a vulnerability that contains no risk. For example, a vulnerability can be discovered and rectified before it becomes any worse.

Furthermore, that particular vulnerability may pose no potential threat to the company at all.

In any case, it's in your best interest to ensure that your team of professionals search your systems for any potential vulnerabilities and address them accordingly.

Cybersecurity vs Information Security

When speaking about cybersecurity, many people include the word information security. Here, we'll clear up the difference between the two.

Cybersecurity deals with protecting information that is strictly found in cyberspace. However, information security is the protection of information in general. It doesn't have to be found on cyberspace.

All information needs some form of protection so that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Though these two ideas can be grouped together, cybersecurity is needed more than ever, especially since consumers and organizations have become so dependent on the internet.


Cybercriminals are individuals or a group of people that seek to cause harm to your technology systems with the use of expert techniques. The intention is usually for a profit or to damage the online reputation management of a company.

Today's internet criminals are not simply sending spam emails. They've spent years of their lives perfecting their ability to steal your most valuable information.

Without a conscience, they will help themselves to your credit card info, identification, and bank account information. Before you know it, your whole life could end up stolen from you.

Sure you might think, "that won't happen to me."� But it can. It happens to countless innocent people every day. How can you stop this from happening to you?

Obtaining a smart cybersecurity resource is one great option. With cybersecurity implemented into your life and business, you can rest easy.


Without a great cybersecurity program in place, your computer or mobile devices could be exposed but not limited to the following cybercrimes.

- Leaked Bank Info - certain hackers or viruses can gain access to your bank information and pass them to other networks without your knowledge.

- Incriminating Information - Hackers can place inappropriate or illegal information on your computer and you'll take the blame if caught with it.

- Theft - Criminals will access your computer and use it to carry out unknown transactions.

- Stolen Social Media - Hackers can steal access to your social media marketing accounts and use it to communicate with users all over the web.

- Hard Drive Wipeout - Savvy hackers can completely wipe out your computer system or cause damage that is beyond repair.

Cybersecurity: Threat Origins

Most times, cybersecurity issues occur in everyday places. That is why being properly educated on cyber safety is crucial.

Below, we'll highlight some of the most popular origins of threats that you should be on the lookout for:

- Suspicious Websites - Certain websites that promise access to video games or the chance to win money come with hidden links or clickbait that could potentially damage your computer.

- Phishing Emails - Opening suspicious emails that come with attachments can cause malware or trojan horses to be released onto your computer.

- Movie Downloads - Even clicking on your favorite movie website can lead to damaging results. Slick hackers will often hide viruses within those links that will spell doom for your hard drive.

No Cybersecurity

Companies also have to worry about the threat to their clients and their business. The following are the examples of what could happen if a business chooses not to utilize cybersecurity services.

- Customer Confidentiality - Sensitive client information could easily be revealed and released to the web for all to see.

- Data Deletion- Years of company and customer data could be removed from your system.

- Damaging Systems - Online criminals can damage your company's system so that data is lost and programs are irreparable. This could lead to days or months of business holdups.

- Damaging Company Reputation - Hackers can use their skills in order to damage your reputation and break the trust that your customers have for you.

However, with top-quality cybersecurity, this doesn't have to be your fate.

Who Needs Cybersecurity?

In a world where major corporations rely heavily on technology, such as our agency's use of AMP, it's important that everyone take their cyber protection into consideration.

With all of the information that is made available over the internet, you're putting yourself at risk for various types of danger without it.

Establishments such as hospitals, banks, and government agencies all utilize sophisticated technology for a plethora of purposes.

With all of this access to technology, such as an advanced application we use called AMP, things are made quick and easy. However, technological threats are also more likely to occur.

Therefore it's best to stay on top of your security systems as much as possible. Tracking all of the major threats isn't easy, if not impossible.

With our web agency, you'll gain the benefit of a trusted team providing you with the cybersecurity you need.

Cybersecurity and Vulnerability

If your system contains a vulnerability or an attack surface, that means there's a flaw in its design or operation.

In this event, your data and connected structures are susceptible to cyber threats.

All an attacker needs is one piece of information that could connect to your business' weakness.

Online attackers will see that weak point in your system and seek to take advantage of it.

The best way to combat system vulnerabilities is to run thorough and accurate testing on your company's website and operating system to ensure that any vulnerabilities are addressed and properly corrected.

Here, our programming & tech agency are trained to handle matters such as this. We will locate your system's vulnerabilities and address the situation accordingly.

With us on your side, consider your data 100% protected!

Benefits of Cybersecurity

With our cybersecurity service in place, you'll gain protection from potential cyberattacks, fraud, and identity theft.

We understand how scary the thought of threats like this can be. That is why our team offers outstanding defense from cyber attacks of all types, such as blockchain and encryption.

Check out dopweb's professional website builder which includes protection for your website around the clock so your systems are guaranteed safe.

Our cybersecurity services cover computers, smartphones, networks, and routers. With our sophisticated code and skilled team in place, cyber threats don't stand a chance!

Cybersecurity Threat Categories

Cybersecurity threats tend to fall into one of three categories.

- Confidentiality Attacks - This is when your personal information is stolen, information such as banking information or other identifying info. Many cybercriminals will sell your valuable information to other cybercriminals.

- Integrity Attacks - Sabotage is the goal with this type of attack. A hacker can expose data that causes the public to lose trust in an individual or organization.

- Availability Attacks - Cybercriminals will block users from gaining access to their data until they pay a ransom.

Types of Cybersecurity Threats

You may think your system is protected, however, potential security threats are always evolving. Therefore, protection from only the biggest threat is not enough.

We offer protection that covers attacks from ransomware, malware, phishing, and social engineering.

These types of attacks can cause major damage to your online databases.

As its name implies, ransomware falls into the availability attacks category. It holds your files at ransom until you pay their fee.

Malware will cause damage to your computer.

Phishing is a type of attack that aims to steal sensitive information by posing as a source that you can trust. Thus, this falls under confidentiality attacks.

With phishing, you could fall prey to stolen credit card numbers, login information, and more. This type of attack is the most popular.

Much like phishing, social engineering is a threat that aims to steal sensitive information by tricking you into clicking on things such as advertisements and links.

When it comes to the safety of your online database, we don't take cybersecurity lightly.

Our experienced team will come through for you when you need us the most!

Cybersecurity Types

There are many forms of cybersecurity that exist to keep company files and data protected. Among them are the following:

- Network Security - Ensures a network is safe by controlling incoming and outgoing connections.

- Data Loss Prevention - Keeps data safe by monitoring location, classification, and information.

- Cloud Security - Protects data in cloud-based services and apps.

- Intrusion Detection Systems or Intrusion Prevention Systems - This type of protection tracks potentially harmful cyber behavior.

- Identity and Access Management - Requires authentication and encryption procedures in order to track malicious cyber activity.

- Antivirus/Malware - These programs scan your computer thoroughly for any potential incoming threats. They can even spot previously unknown threats based on the behavior they exhibit.

Cybersecurity: Protection and Prevention

When implementing a cybersecurity system into your business or personal device, you'll want your professional to follow a certain protocol to ensure that your security is implemented properly.

The necessary protocol for educating your customers and employees on internet safety is broken down as follows:

- Password and Two-Factor Authentication - With all of your business' devices, it is necessary to create strong passwords.

They shouldn't be easy to guess or include things like your favorite food or a school mascot. Also, two-factor authentication will offer you an extra layer of protection.

It not only involves username and password, but also a valuable piece of information that only a particular user has.

- Email Smarts - Though passwords and two-factor identification go a long way in helping companies stay secure, one of the most important tools needed is email smarts.

It's important that as a responsible company, you encourage your customers and all company employees to be on the lookout for suspicious looking emails or links.

Make sure that your customers know the difference between a legitimate email from your company and a fake one.

All it takes is a split second for a hacker to steal all of your customer's and company's information.

Cybersecurity Companywide

We've touched on what customers can do to ensure their cybersecurity. Now, we'll take a more in-depth look at how businesses can ensure that their employees make responsible choices with cybersecurity as well.

- Phishing Awareness - Disguising a website or other type of link is super simple for a well-trained hacker. It is necessary to inform your employees and customers to check the URL before clicking on anything.

- Password Generation - Your company's files and other internet data should be supported by strong password generation procedures.

Make sure that your password isn't too simple and go the extra mile to password protect your documents as well.

You can never have too much protection, especially when your customers' data are on the line.

- Employee Education - You can employ all of the top-of-the-line security features in the world and flaws may still occur. Why? Because human beings are imperfect.

Most mistakes are made by human error rather than machines. Therefore, when training your employees, make sure that they are properly educated on your company's security methods and prevention tactics.

- Work Devices Only - There should be devices in place that are for work use only. Allowing work to be accessed on personal devices could make things easier for potential hackers. Work devices allow for more password protection.

- VPN - If your employees do have access to work-related material outside of work, you should have a virtual private network in place.

This will offer all of your information more protection. A VPN encrypts all content, ensuring the necessary cybersecurity.

- Firewall - Having a secure firewall system in place will help to defend your company's website against cyberattack. The firewall will be able to scan for viruses and stop attacks at their source.

Cybersecurity Awareness

The best way to protect company data is by starting within. Due to the fact that most hacks are due to human error, training your employees is imperative.

With the proper training, your staff members are less likely to become the weak link that invites external threats into your business' website.

Encouraging continued cyber knowledge is the key to success. Many businesses are taking the initiative to start cybersecurity training programs for their employees, we suggest you do the same.

With both you and your employees taking the same precautions your company's data will be much safer.

Incorporating this type of structure as well as dopweb cybersecurity into your company's plan is a great way to ensure that you never have to worry about a thing. You'll be sure to have all of your bases covered.

Cybersecurity and SEO

In addition to businesses seeking safety from cyber attacks, Google wants your company to be safe as well.

Without the right protection in place, you're leaving your site vulnerable to many vulnerabilities and risks. Don't let this happen to you!

Website hacks can have major consequences for a company's search engine optimization services. If a particular website has been known to get hacked either consistently or in the past, it might impact their reputation. Potential customers won't feel safe visiting their website.

Furthermore, your site will lose its rank as confused and freighted customers try to piece together what was stolen from them. Unfortunately, many businesses never recover.

Studies show that 46% of websites that suffered a hack were flagged by Google. Most websites don't even find out they've been hacked until Google steps in and presents them with a dreaded flag. Websites that experience this tend to suffer a great deal.

This will impact a company a lot worse than a low Google ranking. A website's reputation can be trashed in an instant, especially with different blog services ready and willing to report the latest hacks to inquiring website visitors.

Major cybersecurity issues cause up to 10,000 business to become blacklisted on a daily basis. Damage control can cost a great deal escalating to $6tn by the year 2021.

Great SEO experts won't hesitate to ensure that their client's website is properly secured at all times. Implementing the necessary cybersecurity tactics will significantly help a company prevent cyber attacks.

Investing in Cybersecurity

After all this talk about the importance of cybersecurity, you would think that businesses would jump at the chance to invest in cybersecurity services.

Sadly, that's not the case. There are many small business owners that believe they are not important enough to consider protecting their website from cyber threats.

Some feel that if major corporations like Equifax can become targets than what hope do they have of staying protected?

This is not the best way to see things when it comes to the safety of your company. What they fail to realize is when you're dealing with the information of leads and potential customers, you can't take any safety precaution lightly.

You'll have all of their contact information from emails to mailing addresses. The last thing you would want would be for this precious information to fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore, investing in a second to none cybersecurity service is the best solution for you! This way, potential customers can feel safe engaging in business with you.

We don't recommend trying to implement your own cybersecurity features. It would be to your benefit to work with experts that were trained to handle copious amounts of cybersecurity systems.

Shocking Cybersecurity Facts

Cybersecurity will continue to be an issue that needs to be addressed. Whether you're a large or small company, it's important that yours and customer information remain safe. Shocking cyber activities occur everyday, below are just a few.

- Small Businesses - 43% of cyberattacks are made on small businesses.

- A Cyberattack Every 39 Seconds - Approximately every 39 seconds one in 3 computers are left vulnerable to attack.

- Human Error - Over 95% of cyberattacks are due to human error. That is why it is imperative to train your employees well.

- Global Organization - only 38% of global organizations are ready for a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity Summarized

The use of e-commerce stores and social media websites has grown stronger than ever. As individuals become increasingly dependent on the world wide web, hackers and other internet criminals become more and more advanced in their skills.

Luckily, stopping harmful threats to your businesses' website is a possibility. Along with educating your customers and employees on proper cybersafety, there's more you can do.

Simply call on a trusted team of professionals such as ourselves to outfit your business with the very best in cybersecurity.

You're never too large or too small to invest in a cybersecurity team that you can trust.

In an effort to keep the internet safe from threats, our team of experienced professionals is prepared to work tirelessly for you.

With dopweb's cybersecurity plan, you'll gain the security that you need.

Our excellent team of technicians will ensure that viruses and hackers are no match for our sophisticated technology systems.

We'll employee the use of high tech software and around the clock technical support to keep your website protected at all times.

From firewall building to a secure networking system, you can trust that we'll do what it takes to keep your business protected.

So, what are you waiting for? We encourage you to ensure your business' protection before it's too late.

Contact us for a consultation!

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