Get To Know Our CEO - Patrick Chemoul

posted bydopweb28/05/2020

Get To Know Our CEO - Patrick Chemoul Founder of dopweb, a leading web agency in Los Angeles, providing digital marketing, web design, web development services and more.

Patrick Chemoul is the founder of dopweb. Growing up in Paris, France he began earning revenue for his family through building, managing and scaling business through marketing.

His goal was to master the field of SEO for the purposes of increasing the online presence for all of his clients.

After twenty years in the digital marketing space, he transitioned into the field of website development, where he would serve as a full-stack web developer for large French companies.

After creating and managing several businesses in France, Patrick decided to establish a full-service web agency in the United States to pursue his goal in revolutionizing the web.

He would name this agency as Dopweb, and begin servicing new and pre-existing clients with marketing, web design , website building, branding , and other related services.

His overall belief was that websites could be created through an improved website builder that would provide businesses with websites that possess maximum site speed and responsiveness.

These qualities would be reached through the application of a framework called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) , and AWS technologies.

Patrick has been named by several French publications as a leading figure in the world of online web services for the past two decades.

He has been committed to providing new business, small to large, with first-rate marketing, design, and development services to ensure these websites make it to the first page on search engines for greater lead generation and sales.

Not only does online presence matter greatly, but the amount of time it takes to send businesses to the first pages.

The dopweb website builder allows users to create a website that consists of everything needed to reach its maximum potential without any obstacles inhibiting them.

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